Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Online Marketing Tip: 2 Major Benefits of Leaving Blog Comments

Blog comments are not very exciting marketing methods, but they could be exciting...if you know what they could do for you or your business.

Most people leave comments as a means of self-expression or simply communicating with the author.  There is not any real purpose, but there are two (2) reasons to leave comments on blogs that are productive.

1. You can leave awesome SEO Backlinks on (many) Blog Comments.

Many of us want to find ways to market our website online, and leaving links on the comment section of different blogs are a great way to get backlinks to your website.

When the blogs relate to your website's topic, that is a strong SEO technique to help your website rank higher in search engine results.

You can find blogs that relate to your topic through Google, Twitter, or even through different blogging platforms.

On those different blogs, make sure that you...
(a) include your keywords and words that relate to your keyword within your comment
(b) leave a backlink to your website, using a keyword as your anchor text, if possible

{Example: This is a great online marketing tip for Detroit businesses. - My backlink points to my Detroit Area online marketing website.}

It is a nice practice to make sure that your comments actually relate and respond to the specific blog post.  There is not any worldwide rule against writing about something unrelated, but then you are contributing SPAM.

Of course, the more backlinks you have going to your website from sources that relate to your topic, the stronger your SEO work will be.

2. You can do a great job of Networking by Commenting on Blogs.

Several people know about commenting on blogs to create backlinks, but there is another benefit that can work even better for you (and your business).

You can use blog comments as a great way to NETWORK.

You can find blogs and leave comments for...

When you leave a comment on someone's blog, you have initiated the engagement process.  Most people will simply appreciate the time you took to leave a comment.

However, if you take time to write something insightful, either about the post or the specific author, the owner of the blog is more likely to take notice and respect your thought that you shared.

You can leave a question for the blog author, which encourages conversation.  (Authors do not always reply, especially if they're busy or have a lot of other comments on that same blog post.)

If you leave insightful comments or encourage discussion often enough, the author will begin to notice you.  The people with more appreciation or vision will begin to notice AND appreciate you.

A few of these people will begin to visit your blog(s).  Some of them will encourage their readers to visit your website or blog, especially if you make it clear that you have something to offer.

Honestly, leaving good quality comments on blogs takes time, and most people are NOT willing to do it.  However, if you spend a little bit of time doing this every day, I guarantee that you will (1) increase your website position, (2) increase your website visitor traffic count, and (3) provide you with more targeted contacts.

Many people reading this will agree with what I've written, but only a few will do this.  (Honestly, even I don't do this often enough.)

Let's start finding blogs and commenting on them.  If you leave a thoughtful comment or ask a question, leave a link to your site.  If you're legit (not obvious SPAM), I will visit your site.

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