Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to Get Bookstores to Sell Your Book

This is a guest post by Adam Cothes of Wine Press Publishing Group.

Adam Cothes offered advice about how to get retail stores to sell your books.
Even if you finish writing a book, your work has only begun.  You can be the best marketer in the world, but if you cannot get any stores to agree to sell your books, your marketing will not matter.  You will have nowhere to lead people.

Within one of my LinkedIn Groups “Children’s Books,” someone asked a good question about how she could sell her book to different book stores.

There were many really good answers, but one person’s answer, in particular, really caught my attention.

I asked him for his permission to repost his answer on my blog.

Luckily for us, Adam Cothes of Wine Press Publishing Group agreed, and here is what he shared with people in the group…

I used to manage an independent bookstore, and currently work for a self-publishing, distribution, and marketing company.

Getting into bookstores is not too challenging on the local level. It's the national level that poses a true challenge.

On a local level, simply insure your ducks are in a row and approach the CRM at Barnes & Noble, or the manager at bookstore. Ask for an event, let the manager know how you plan to create an event, not just a book signing, discuss your ideas to market the event (if you have any), and set the date.

Circling back around to those ducks...
3. Distribution through Ingram or Baker and Taylor (preferably Ingram)
4. A fully returnable book

It's pretty much that simple.

One other thought as to just getting books into stores rather than the event route:

Go buy some "local author" and "autographed copy" stickers, or have some made online. Offer to autograph a few copies when they come in, and add those stickers. This adds value to the books, and insures they won't be returned by stores. Plus, when they sell, you'll need to know this because they may not be automatically reordered if you don't say something.

About Wine Press Publishing Group: WinePress has served thousands of writers and communicators over the years. Their catalog represents a diverse group of people, experiences, and messages, and WinePress continually invests in building awareness of our authors' books and enhancing our reputation for excellence. As a result, WinePress authors have enjoyed great success and garnered significant media attention and other publishing opportunities.  For more information, you can visit their website at

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