Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3 Major Reasons to Leave Blog Comments

Many blog writers almost PLEAD visitors to leave comments, but most people do not understand how "being nice" and leaving a comment can BENEFIT YOU, the person LEAVING the comment on that person's blog.  Yes, it helps the blog writer, but it can really help you, too!

Benefit #1: Backlinks for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Nobody EVER knows the algorithm that Google (or any other search engine) uses to rank websites to which  search phrases.

However, logic makes it clear that is does not hurt to have backlinks TO your site FROM sites that relate to your website's topic.

You can even add value by including keywords in your own comment.  (Hopefully, you are finding ways to ADD VALUE with your comment and not producing SPAM.)

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NOTE: If you can leave your backlink as anchor text that contains your keyword or words that relate to it, that is a bigger bonus for you.

Benefit #2: Builds Your Network

Some blog writers get comments all of the time, and that is good.  However, many blog writers are so tickled  whenever someone leaves a comment that they will suddenly be one of YOUR biggest fans.

This is an especially good strategy if you try to find targeted contacts, meaning that you find people who are likely to share the type of content you have or refer the type of business that you do.  Heck!  You might even get a customer.  (I bought a book from someone who responded to me on Twitter.  Do you not see this working on a blog, also?)

The chance of this happening is even greater when--and if--the blog writer responds to your comment.  It is not uncommon for conversations to begin, and that's all it really takes to begin a relationship.  This is great, especially if you are building a relationship with a targeted contact.

Benefit #3: Opportunity to Brand Yourself (or Your Company)

Even if you cannot leave a backlink for SEO (See Benefit #1), and the blog writer does NOT respond to your blog comment, you have another benefit.

By leaving a comment on a blog post, you give yourself a chance to leave YOUR personal or company name on that comment.  Other people who visit that blog post can see your name.

Honestly, leaving one comment will (probably) not make a difference, but if the same types of people tend to be attracted to the same types of posts, they will KEEP SEEING YOUR NAME.

Isn't that one of the key things about branding?

Depending upon your industry, it might not make sense for you to spend time scoping for blogs, but before you visit a good blog post without leaving a comment, think about the benefits you might be missing.

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