Thursday, February 7, 2013

3 Ways to Motivate Yourself

Do you feel motivated EVERY DAY?

Me, neither!

Some days, it's easy to feel motivated.  It just comes naturally, but what about those days when it doesn't come so easily?

I notice I tend to be more motivated when I do these three (3) things:
  1. Read Uplifting or Thought-Provoking Things
  2. Find People Who Inspire You
  3. Make Sure You Are Following Your Goal
Here is what works to help motivate me.

1. Read Uplifting or Thought-Provoking Things

I love to learn, but I do not enjoy reading.  It does not come easily for me, and to this day, I struggle to read.  At least, it takes me forever to read something.  I'm not a fast reader--not at all.

Even so, I get energized when I read books, articles, or blog posts that make me think.

I enjoy reading things like:
  • Inspiring Stories about Other People Overcoming the Odds
  • A New Idea (at least new to me)
  • An Old Idea Explained in a New Way
Even with my below-average reading skills, I still love to read about any of these types of things.

2. Find People Who Inspire You

I try to be kind to most people I meet, and I enjoy helping people.

However, there are some people who drain my energy each time I see them.  Most people are nice to meet.

Being around some people just motivates me:
  • People who think unconventionally yet thoughtfully
  • People with great attitudes - feel like there is always a way
  • Resourceful people
  • People are taking action - I'll feel too silly to just watch them.
  • People who make laugh hysterically - I almost feel cleansed afterward.
My goal is to find who these people are and spend as much time with them as possible.  (...and try spending less time with people who make me feel drained)

3. Make Sure You Are Following Your Goal

This seems obvious, but it's the easiest one to violate.

Speaking from my own experience, I notice that when I tend to feel less motivated about something...more and more often...I have to ask myself, "Why?"

Most likely, this "goal" is no longer a goal...for whatever reason.

Sometimes, our goal changes, because we have more information and experience today than we did when we first formed this "goal."

I realize that I'm trying to push myself to meet a goal that really is not that important to me, anymore.

When (and if) that goal is important, there is hardly anything in the world that can stop me.  If that goal really isn't there, I'm not that excited.

I probably should stop doing things to help me reach that finish line of a race I don't really care about winning.

I need to focus on my "real" goals--not the ones I feel like I should be doing.

My real goals will motivate me.

I don't always remember these things during my less motivated times, but I try to remind myself often enough to be product more often than most.

What motivates you?

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