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4 Ways to Find Related Blogs to Leave Blog Comments

Leaving comments on other people's blogs can provide several benefits for you.

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However, how can we find blogs that relate to our topic and leave comments?

Key Question: How do you find related blogs?

I have four (4) suggestions.

Method #1: Include "blog" in Your Google Search

This is the easiest to implement.

1. Go to Google (or any other search engine)
2. Type in your search phrase: Keyword + blog

Example: If my keyword is "best trails to see raccoons," then I would type

Phase 1: "cheese makers" blog (include "quotes" around the keyword)
Phase 2: cheese makers blog (do NOT include "quotes" around the keyword)

NOTE: You might find forums instead of blogs, or you might find a review site.  This technique still applies.  We just want to find places that relate to our topic so that we can leave comments.

After trying your targeted keyword, try words that relate.  Mostly, you want to leave comments on blogs that relate to your topic.  (Plus, if there are NOT any blogs for your keyword, you MIGHT have an opening. ;-)

Method #2: Search on Google Blog Search

If you are reading THIS blog post, you almost certainly know about Google being a search engine.  However, many people are not aware that you can REFINE your search on Google.

NOTE: By the time you read this, Google might have changed their interface (again), but as of the time I am writing this post,

Key: You can use Google to search for blogs, specifically.

Suggestion #1 used Google to try finding blogs, but it only searched for sites that INCLUDED the word "blog."  Other websites might contain the word "blog," and some blogs might not contain the word "blog" at all.

So how do we use Google to search for blogs ONLY?

1. Go to Google
2. On the top bar (on Google), click "More" to get an expanded menu.

3. Select "Even More"

4. Select "Blog Search" (This will take you to Google Blogs search)

5. Type in your keyword (or words that relate to your keyword)

This might lead you to articles.  Either way, you will get a chance to leave a blog comment or an article comment.

Method #3: Search on Twitter

This is almost as easy to implement as Suggestion #1 of typing your keyword into Google.

Since many people Tweet links to their website and blog posts (including me), all you have to do is type in the keyword into the Twitter search bar.

It won't take long before you find a blog that relates to your keyword.  You can leave a comment on any or all of the blogs that you find.

To help reduce the amount of things you need to search on your list, you can use a search filter:
Keyword + filter:links

Example-Phase 1: "cheese makers" filter:links (keyword in "quotes")
Example-Phase 2: cheese makers filter:links (keyword NOT in "quotes)

Method #4: Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups have a lot of members who leave links to their blogs and other people's blogs.  Some of the blogs are better than others, but they many of them leave us with an opportunity to leave comments.

Here is how to use LinkedIn Groups to find these blogs and find which Discussions within those groups might contain related blog links.

2-Part Strategy to Use LinkedIn Groups to Find Related Blogs
Part 1. Find Related LinkedIn Group
Part 2. Search for Related Blogs

Part 1: Find Related LinkedIn Group
1. Go to LinkedIn and enter your login info
2. Move your Mouse over "Groups" >> Expand Menu >> Select "Groups Directory"

3. Enter your keyword (or words that relate to your keyword)

4. Click "View" for any LinkedIn Groups that you might like

Part 2: Search for Related Blogs
1. On the Menu Bar, click "Search"

2. Type in your keyword (or words that relate to your keyword)

3. Look through the Discussion Posts - See which has links to blog posts.
(NOTE: In this case, we are not trying to find places to post on LinkedIn - only links to blog posts.)

By using any of all of these methods, you should be able to find some blogs that relate to your topic so that you can leave blog comments and reap the benefits.  (Don't leave SPAM, please! :)

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  1. Finding relevant blogs that invite you to join the conversation can actually be time consuming. But you can save a great deal of time by using specific Google search query modifiers. The less time you have to spend searching for blogs that allow comments, the more time you will have to write valuable, thought-provoking comments.

  2. That's a really good point, Randall. Do you have any suggestions of one or two of the best search query modifiers to help us find those blogs that ALLOW comments more easily?


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