Saturday, December 29, 2012

Why The Best Businesses Try to Offend People

A business offend people?  on purpose?  THAT is good business?

Well....Yes....when you offend people "correctly."

What do I mean?

Nearly every day, I meet owners and managers of businesses.  Many of these people represent really small businesses, maybe where they have to sell and market on top of running the business.

I ask them, "Who is your market?"

Often, they will answer, "Everyone."

I ask them some variation of "Where do you sell your service?"

Way too many of them respond, "I service EVERYWHERE."

KEY POINT: Selling to everyone, everywhere is NOT good business.

For instance, if you talk with someone who wants to buy real estate in Worthington, Ohio (a very nice suburb near Columbus, Ohio) and you knew different realtors, who would you recommend?

(a) one of the many people who sell everything, everywhere, or
(b) the person who SPECIALIZES in Worthington?

Which real estate sales agent probably knows more about Worthington?

Often, I will hear the rebuttal, "...but what if that buyer wants something outside of Worthington?  Then that "specialist" can't help, and they'll lose a sale."

That's right!  The non-Worthington buyer will be "offended" by this Worthington-only specialist.  This non-Worthington specialist cannot help that other buyer.  However, he (or she) CAN do a REALLY good job of helping those who know they want to buy property in Worthington.

If you didn't sell there, who would YOU recommend to your friend?  The generalist or the specialist?

When you are willing to offend people, it helps define you, what you offer, and when people should suggest you to offer it.

People realize (you) when you specialize.

When you are willing to offend some people, your business will begin to attract the RIGHT people!  Those other people are not your customers, anyway.  It's okay if you offend them (for THIS reason).

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