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5 Ways to Improve Your Reputation on Social Media

Are you just starting on social media and wondering how to build your reputation?

Have you been using social media for a while but having trouble gaining traction on it?
It is not hard to improve your reputation on social media.
Improving your online reputation is not necessarily easy, but it's not hard, either.  Here are four (4) ways I can think to improve your reputation on social media:
  1. Be an Expert - Share Your Expertise
  2. Share Key Material, Like an Expert
  3. Put People in a Good Light
  4. Share Neat or Fun Quotes
  5. Share Fun Videos
Really, those are great steps to take.  For an explanation of each, see below here:

1. Be an Expert - Share Your Expertise

What does it mean to be an "expert?"

Frankly, there will always be someone who knows more than you do, no matter the topic (excepting possibly when YOU are the topic, but even then...).

However, on the flip side of the coin, there will always be somebody who knows LESS than you do.  Look to share what (little?) you know with THESE people.  The others were not going to be impressed with you, anyway.  You only need (and should want) to target people who will appreciate what you have to share, and you HAVE something to share.

Ideally, you have a blog, an article, or a video, but you can provide something as simple as a Tweeted tip (or post a quick comment on Facebook or LinkedIn Groups).

Keep showing WHAT you know, and people will start to follow you...for real...not just as a passive "Follower" on Twitter.  They'll start paying attention to what you have to share, because you ARE the expert.

2. Share Key Material, Like an Expert

Another way to improve your reputation is to find material created by other people that people who know you will find interesting (or at least funny).

Once you become a regular source of finding things, people will look forward to your updates, because they will see you as someone "in the know."

The news station uses this same principle.  They don't necessarily CREATE their news, but they position themselves to receive it and report it before you most likely will hear anything about it, otherwise.

You can improve your reputation by becoming a "news source" (or humor source) for people.

3. Put People in a Good Light

Another way to improve your online reputation using social media is to look for opportunities to put people in the best light possible.

If someone writes a good article, Tweet it.  (If you're looking to make an EXTRA impact, you can even mention their Twitter handle, like @CWechner, within that Tweet.

Compliment people when they deserve it.  Most people prefer to spend time with other people who have a good attitude.

Side Note: Using my own experience as an example, I can say that when I have a poor attitude, people tend to avoid me--rightfully so, in most cases.  When I display a good attitude, people tend to flock in my direction.  One sign of someone with a good attitude is a person who tries to find the good in other people.

4. Share Neat or Fun Quotes

It's pretty easy to find quotes, but most of us don't take the time to do it, but we eat up these quotes when we see someone else present them to us.

Strangely, we're more likely to look up these cool quotes when we're trying to figure what to share than we are to try finding them for our own personal needs.

Q: How do you find quotes?

A: One really easy way is to type something like "motivational quotes" into Google.  Tons of websites have things like this, and this applies to more than just motivational quotes.

5. Share Fun Videos

One of the easiest--and most enjoyable--ways to improve your reputation on social media is to find videos that are just plainly fun.

For example, here is one of my favorite videos during the past year: Vertical Videos Syndrome by Glove and Boots.

You don't always want to clown, but if you show an occasional sense of humor, people will look a little more forward to seeing what you have to say or share.

That's it!  If you do ANY of these things via social media, your reputation will soon rise, if not skyrocket.  Most of these things are pretty simple, huh?

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