Monday, December 10, 2012

1 Way to Improve Your Online Marketing and Reduce Your Stress

I am learning something that I never thought I would appreciate.

When you plan your online marketing in advance, you do a better job AND you reduce your stress.

Planning your blog posts will make your online marketing less stressful AND more effective.
When I first started writing this blog, I was under the impression that I had to write something every day.  At first, it was not hard, because I had a lot of ideas.  However, once I went through those initial ideas, it was excruciatingly painful to keep thinking of writing topics for my blog.

I slogged through it for a while, but then I exhausted myself, and I stopped.  Actually, I would wait until the day and write if I had something to say.  Otherwise, I would just let it stop.

This led to inconsistent posting, which I'm not sure whether that is as bad as many people would have you believe.  (Many of these lecturers don't even follow their own advice.)

Eventually, I settled on writing blog posts 2 days each week.  For a while that worked, but then I started getting busy on those days, sometimes.  Then I felt pressured to find a way to post, because I promised myself I'd post on those days.

Eventually, I learned that I could schedule blog posts in advance.

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For a while, I did not know how to take advantage of this.

Now, I realize that it makes sense for me to write posts when I get ideas, no matter how many days in advance it is from when I want to publish it.  That way, my writing reflects my fresh enthusiasm for my ideas.

More importantly, it's a lot less stressful, and I'm a lot more likely to publish material from my blog.  I'm always doing different things, and that's exactly when I get ideas.

That's when it makes sense to write a blog post...when I'm feeling inspired by a recent event or an activity, rather than hoping I remember my point later.  Then it's a whole lot harder to write...and a lot more likely for me to "cheat" and find an excuse not to post.

That's less stressful, and I'm more effective.  I can respond to my day, instead of forcing myself to set aside time to write blog posts.

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