Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Twitter Marketing Method

Are you using Twitter?  Is it part of your marketing plan?

Occasionally, I would Tweet about my most recent blog post on Twitter and respond to a few other Tweets.  Often, I would go for days, maybe even a week at a time, without really doing much on Twitter.

Here I share my Twitter Marketing Method.  It's not really any "secret" sauce; it just might seem that way.
I kept thinking that it was not an effective marketing tool--at least not for me.

Then I got an idea!

I decided to do an experiment.

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I am writing this post in advance, but by the time this posts, I will have been doing my Twitter experiment for about a week.

The early returns have been promising.

Here were my goals of using Twitter:
  • Drive more traffic to my blogs
  • Increase my branding through increased Tweeting frequency on Twitter
  • Build more Followers (hopefully, targeted Followers, but...)
    • People who like what I write (and share)
    • People who respond to my responses to their Tweets
  • Create an opportunity to market other people more powerfully
  • Improve my understanding of what makes people respond

Here is how I tried to use Twitter to accomplish my goal (via my Twitter Marketing plan):
  • Tweet Frequently (Using Hootsuite - Post things 3-4 times/hour)
    • People might see me 1-3 times/day now (before they NEVER saw me)
    • By Using Hootsuite, it can market on Twitter for me while I am doing other things.  (maybe even attending events or meetings)
  • Market My Blog Posts
    • even older ones...many people have not seen them
  • Create and Use Lists
    • I was restricting who I Followed, because I was overwhelmed with all of those Tweets.
    • I learned about lists, and I can use those to filter what I read within each list.
    • I can review targeted topics and respond more easily.
  • Actively Socialize on Twitter
    • Respond to People who Respond to My Tweets (or ReTweet my posts)
    • Share Other People's Material
      • ReTweeting
      • Including it in things I post within Hootsuite
    • Comment on Non-work stuff
      • Many people feel more comfortable "taking a break" with this type of stuff--builds relationships with people
  • Gather Ideas and Current "News"
    • Through lists, I filter things so that I only see Tweets from people who are from certain areas or discuss certain topics.  There are fewer "off-topic" things to filter when I use lists.

I have been rebuilding my Followers, although I admit that I do not know, yet, about the quality of those Followers.  On Twitter, I think that it's more of a networking tool than a sales tool.  So I am not discouraged by so-called quality.  Quantity is definitely king on Twitter.  (Engagement is queen.)

Traffic to my blog has increased over five times (5X) what it did before I did this Twitter experiment.

I do not know whether my Twitter Marketing Method will work for you, but so far, it seems to be showing promising signs for me.

How do you market yourself on Twitter?

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  1. Great post. I love using Twitter to market, but I self promote very sparingly bc I don't wanna turn people off.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read this...I wonder how you found this? (Twitter, Blogger, ???)

      What would you promote IF you did self-promote, Whitney?


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