Friday, December 14, 2012

6 Ways I Could Have Networked Better at My Last Event

I messed up!

This past weekend, I went to a networking event in Detroit, called the Motown Writers Network.  It's run by Sylvia Hubbard, who is one of Detroit's most active authors.  Not only is she a great author, but she is also one of Detroit's biggest advocates for local area writers.

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Do you ever wonder how you overlooked something so obvious--AFTER the fact?
Therefore, there are a lot of people who follow her and make a point to attend Sylvia's events.

I met a lot of people yesterday, and I learned a few really neat marketing tips from her.  (Sylvia Hubbard is one of the best marketers in our area.)  However, after the fact, I realized that I could have done a better of networking when I was there.

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What should I have done differently?
  1. Guest Blog Posters for My Blog
  2. Blogs for Me to Guest Post
  3. Events for Me to Attend
  4. Events for Me to Speak
  5. Interviews to Conduct
  6. Get Twitter Handles from Authors
I might have missed even more, but after realizing THIS list, I realize that I need to make this a learning site.

1. Guest Blog Posters for My Blog

I can always use additional material for my blog.  Plus, it is nice to introduce different topics, writing styles, and perspectives.  It also provides an opportunity to improve my alliance with someone, providing them with the opportunity to add backlinks and increase their reading audience.

2. Blogs for Me to Guest Post

Similar to #1, when I guest post in another blog, it provides me with (a) additional opportunities for backlinks, (b) introduces me to a different audience, and (c) ingratiates me to the person whose blog I am filling.

In the base of true bloggers, this can really increase my influence.

3. Events for Me to Attend

The more events I attend, the more I will (a) increase the size of my network, (b) widen my horizons with topics, (c) position myself to help more people, and (d) potentially find more speaking opportunities--once I am there.  (The person who tells me about the event does not need to connect me with the leader of the meeting, although that might be nice, too. :)

4. Events for Me to Speak

I get nervous and excited when I speak at events.  I really enjoy helping people, and I take pride in my ability to teach people.

However, there are true benefits to giving talks.  I have a chance of appearing as the subject matter expert since the audience is focusing on me for as long as my talk is.  I also get a chance to form a bond with the group leader, and the leader is probably someone who knows many other people and often is a more active networker than the so-called average attendee.

5. Interviews to Conduct

This one combines #1 (allowing someone to guest blog post) and #4 (speaking events).  Either I can host the interview or be a guest on someone's show.  This interview can be a video recording, a live video performance, or even a phone or radio interview.

The benefits here are that I form a bond with someone that I am helping.  I also get additional material to use for my marketing.

6. Get Twitter Handles from Authors

This one did not hit me until the end of the event.

As a marketer or blogger, I want my message and influence to reach as many people as possible.  I'm not just going for quantity of Twitter Followers.  Events like this last one--with so many writers and bloggers--provide a great opportunity to have other bloggers spread the word about you...or me.

Hopefully, I will make fewer mistakes next time I attend a networking least I hope I make DIFFERENT mistakes next time.

Can anyone else think of other ways I could have networked better?  Truly, I'm open!

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