Friday, December 28, 2012

I Became a More Effective Marketer When I Did This

Recently, a recent marketing college graduate approached me.  He knew that I am a marketer, and he was wisely trying to build his list of marketing contacts.

While talking with him, I learned that he is part of some interesting things.  After exchanging a few emails, I could see that he knows how to write well, even sending me a couple of press release examples.

Prefer to listen instead of read?  Here is a recording...

Amongst those interesting things he involves himself, he sits on the board of a non-profit group.  He expressed a little frustration that he would like to cover events more often by writing press releases.  This gentleman shared that he wished that other board members of this group cooperated more by giving him the information that he that he can write those press releases.

I gave this gentleman a piece of advice that allowed ME to become a more effective marketer once I started doing this...
There is news everywhere.  We're always creating news.  If we want to bring attention to ourselves, another person, a company, or an organization, just write and report it. 

Disclaimer:  If you are getting paid by an organization or company to represent them with specific instructions about HOW AND WHEN you can market them, then their paid-for demands trump my advice here.

I became a better marketer when I would RECOGNIZE that activity and WRITE about it.

For instance, is your group meeting to discuss how to improve their service toward a particular type of person or group?  Did someone just receive an award, give a talk, or promote someone else?

That list could be a lengthy post in itself, but I want you to understand that THERE IS NEWS--ALL OF THE TIME.  You just have to recognize it.

I became more a more effective marketer once I started recognizing the news AND WRITING ABOUT IT.  I DID NOT ASK FOR PERMISSION.  As long as I have something good to write, I write and submit my press release.

Depending up my relationship with this person or group, I might let them know AFTERWARD, or I might simply let them "discover" it...when they read or hear the news.

Amongst my proudest moments as a marketer are when that person or group learns that I marketed them...FROM SOMEONE ELSE.  Then they know it's working, and they see and feel the effects firsthand.

I'm not sure whether this recent graduate will take this advice, but if he truly wants to become a more effective marketer, he should start doing this...without asking for anyone's permission.

Just recognize, write, and report the news (when it makes the person or company look good).

I know that I've never regretted following my own advice here.

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