Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Internet Marketing Tip: 3 Intelligent Ways to Recycle Blog Posts

Yesterday, I wrote a blog post about writing online marketing material about topics that are evergreen, last forever.

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Now that you are writing "evergreen" blog posts, how do you make those web marketing assets keep working for you?
  1. Social Media
  2. Classified Ads
  3. Google

1. Social Media

This has been my newest realization.  Most people never noticed your posts the first time you released them.  Even if they did, they probably don't remember it, unless it was really good.  In that case, they're probably happy to read it, again.

So far, I've done this on LinkedIn and Twitter.  I've done a lot more of it on Twitter, and it's done a great job of driving traffic.  It also allows me to brand myself more than one time for each blog post.

I'm sure that I'll be doing this more on LinkedIn soon, especially with all of those different LinkedIn Groups.  Some of those groups have thousands of people, many of whom just dump in their stuff and leave, pushing down your entries in a hurry.

I'm confident that this method would work on Facebook, too.  I just do not use Facebook very often.  So I don't have the experience to claim here.

2. Classified Ads

Here is something that most people never consider.  There are several classified ad services.  If you offer free advice on a classified ad site (like Craigslist or Backpage), you can include backlinks there.  As long as you are not misleading within your classified ad post, I don't see why you can't try to help people...via your blog posts.

3. Google

This is not something you really "do," but it occurred to me that more people are finding my blog site through Google nowadays than any of the social media sites.  People find my blog posts by typing in all sorts of keyword phrases that I never would have guessed, but my blog posts answer their questions.

The best part of THIS method is that I don't have to do any additional work after I write and publish my blog post.  It just sits out there on the Internet, waiting to be found.  Of course, I don't have as much control over when people find my posts...or even which posts they find.

However, I call this "passive result" marketing...one of the best kinds!

How else do you recycle blog posts?  Did I miss anything critical?

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