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Video: Sam Glenn: 6 Key Principles about Attitude

Attitude Lessons: Sam Glenn: Rejecting Negativity, Raising Enthusiasm & Improving Your Attitude

Most of us have heard things about attitude, even from the time we were little kids. Many of our parents, teachers, and coaches screamed at us about our bad attitudes or that we need to “get a good attitude.” Learning how to get a good attitude is one of the best lessons we can learn… even if it means we have to teach ourselves.  Sam Glenn does a pretty good job of outlining ways that attitude creates our foundation.

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This video clip is an excerpt of a longer talk, but Sam Glenn offers 6 different lessons on attitude that can benefit each of us.

If you’d rather watch the video on YouTube, here is the link:

6 Primary Things about Attitude

1. Your attitude is either IN the way or MAKING the way.
2. Your attitude is either working FOR you or working AGAINST you.
3. Your attitude is either CONNECTING you with others or it’s DISCONNECTING.
4. It all starts with attitude first.
5. In order for your attitude to BE RIGHT, you have to GET IT RIGHT.
6. You have to learn to laugh at yourself, because you are your best source of all humor.

There has to be a starting point to something, and it has to start somewhere, and it starts with attitude.

All of these START with attitude (Ref. #4)
Customer Service

Who is Sam Glenn?

As a motivational speaker covering several topics, Sam Glenn has a simple foundational message, “It all starts with attitude.” According to his site, for the past 20 years, Sam has worked with thousands of organizations from every industry – sales, education, hospitality, healthcare, customer service, technology, housing, government, private sector, finance, manufacturing, retail, etc. His customized speeches create an experience of learning, laughter and inspiration. He is the author of the book, The Magic of Enthsiasm.

My Takeaways

It seems like Sam Glenn is trying to remind us that we can shape the quality of many parts of our lives by looking at ways to improve our attitude.  He does a good job of reminding us many of the different areas of our lives it touches… each having a good attitude… and not having a very good one.

Most of us know about attitude, yet only a few of us seem to get close to mastering it.
Often, I reread the poem Attitude by Charles Swindoll.  One of my favorite lines in that poem is, “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.” The longer I live the more truth in see in that statement… and the more I see how few people really see it, much less really believe it.

Sam Glenn obviously gets it, and he has a humorous delivery about an incredibly serious topic… one that can be life changing.

I really like the wording in his first point, "Your attitude is either IN the way or MAKING the way."  That's the type of bulletin board material that deserves it's own picture frame.

Within a different video clip, he mentions that at night, we charge our phones.  In many ways, we’re similar with ourselves; we need to charge our attitudes each night (and day).

What are some ways you help maintain a good attitude?

Do you ever find it hard to fight off a bad attitude? What, do you think, makes it challenging?

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