Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1 Great Idea for Bloggers

When I started writing blog posts, I wasn’t sure about where I was going with them.  I wrote one about stock investing and gave advice around that.  One mentor suggested I just share what I want and what made me want it.  So I did that.

I initially created this blog to help people learn about marketing.  Ultimately, I realized that I really have a passion for helping people learn about business… even though I’m still a student learning more about business nearly every day… even after years of running a business.

So my blog posts have taken many shapes over the years.  At the time I’m writing this one, I’ve written well over 300 posts.  It’s not as much as the serious bloggers, but I’m definitely not a lightweight.

There is one thing I started doing a while ago that, I think, makes a big difference.

KEY: I started to include links to my other posts… within my post.

At first, I was simply using any excuse to add a hyperlink with anchor text pandering to SEO.  While this is not all bad, it’s not the greatest, especially if you have a lot of blog posts.

Then I started using blatant references (still do), simply pointing people toward a link that is, at least, somewhat related.  However, I was simply repeating the actual title.

What’s a better approach?  Modify the headline.

My titles often lean toward attempting to get including within search results.  So I structure my titles to increase my chances of answering questions people (might) type into search engines.

When someone is reading, their mind isn’t on searching. Hopefully, the reader’s mind is on whatever I’m mentioning within the post… at THAT EXACT POINT within the post.  So I might be able to use words that might match the mindset of the moment… and increase the chance the reader will be intrigued enough to click.

Let’s consider the following:

Example: Actual Title Approach

Example: Modified Headline Approach

Which of these would YOU most likely click?

There is a good chance that the "Modified Headline" approach would make you want to click... if you were already interested in wanting to improve your writing.  ("I can just read a blog post... for free... and maybe be able to write a little better?")

Notice that I can leave some intrigue WITHIN my post… but that second example would not likely entice someone in the search engines to click… In fact, it probably has little chance of turning up as the result within very many searches.  (The actual title provides a better chance of being found on a search engine… and having someone from there click to see my blog post.)

If you use this technique, I suggest incorporating one or more of these:
1. Imply a (relevant) benefit to the reader
2. Leave some intrigue - Don’t give it away in the clickable title
3. Imply they won’t have to work hard (but DO NOT lie!)

Can you see yourself benefiting from this technique? Do you use it, already?  Do you have any other ways of enticing people to read more of your blogs and other material?

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