Sunday, August 24, 2014

Do we really want success or just an excuse?

Most people say…or even think…that they want to be successful.

We certainly prefer it, but do we really WANT it?

I think of this question nearly every day for myself and other people I see.

Most recently, this video prompted me to think about it a little more.  It’s really good (and it’s short).

This video is good, but you want to know the truth?

Many of us want the glory of that successful person or company, but the vast majority of us are not as interested in creating our own story to reach that level of success.

I hear a lot of different excuses…
--I didn’t come from a good family.
--I don’t come from money.
--There’s nobody in my family that’s ever done that.
--I don’t know the right people.
--I’m not good enough looking.  (or the counter…I’m too good looking.)
--They are jealous of me.
--They’re out to get me.
--I’m not smart enough.
--I’m not thin enough (or the other…I’m too thin.)
--I’m not strong enough.

I’m sure I’ve only begun to hit the iceberg, because there are always excuses available to us.

What I’ve noticed is that life is not fair to us in every way.  All of have some sort of disadvantage…all of us.

What We Really Want We Make Happen

What I really like about the video is the emphasis on having enough heart to get through the garbage that tries to get in our way of what we know we deserve…that success.

If we really want something, we find reasons to get it.

If we really want to eat that ice cream, we’re probably going to do it, even if we might be diabetic or allergic to it.

If we really want to watch that movie or TV show, we’re probably making that happen.

If we really want to get home, we’re probably finding a way to do it, even if we have to sit through ridiculous traffic.

If we really want to see our special someone, we’re probably willing going to go through violent storm or horrendously snowy conditions to meet them.

A Revelation

As I get older, I am learning that most people who are not as successful as they feel they “should” be, they have excuses.  I’m starting to realize why they have those excuses.

It’s easier to blame the excuses than it is me to answer why I’m not successful.

It’s not very flattering to look at a version of me that’s lesser than I owe myself…and realize that I am the reason I’m not as successful as I should be.

Those excuses are very real barriers, but they aren’t the reason I’m not “there.”  I am!

Really Wanting Success: Excuses Undressed

If I really want to be successful, I simply find reasons that I’m not going to let those barriers get in my way.

Let’s look at some of those earlier excuses:

Excuse: I didn’t come from a good family.

Do you really think every successful person comes from a better family than you?  Are you sure nobody comes from a worse home?

Excuse: I don’t come from money.

Have you never heard of someone coming from poverty to become wealthy?  Did every successful person start with more money than you?

Excuse: There’s nobody in my family that’s ever done that.

Ever hear of a “first?”  Be the first in your family.  Why not you?

Excuse: I don’t know the right people.

Do you think every successful person STARTED knowing everyone he or she needed?   Maybe you don’t know the right people…TODAY!

Excuse: I’m not good enough looking.

Is every successful person “beautiful?”  There are some really ugly people making a lot of money.  Some of them are probably uglier than you.

Excuse: They are jealous of me.

That may be a fact.  They might be jealous of you.  Do you really think there is any successful person who isn’t confronted with other people’s jealousy?  How do you think these successful people handled it?

Excuse: I’m not smart enough.

Do you think every successful person has more raw intelligence than you?  There are people with more intelligence than you, but there are plenty who aren’t…and some of them are successful, still!

The Important Question about Success

The important question IS NOT what advantage does THAT more successful person have that I don’t.

The question IS what disadvantage does that person have yet still is more successful than me.

Let successful provide you inspiration, not excuses.

If you really want success, it probably can be yours.  Do you really want success or just an excuse?

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