Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Internet Marketing Tip: 1 Method to Write for Google SEO and for Human Readers

You CAN write for Google SEO using keywords and still write for your readers.

How many times have you started read something, only to slap your head in disgust?

Yep!  You fell for the title that matched your search, but that link just read a bunch of junk--just to get to the top?

Most of us know when we see junk, and many of us know that people write things for the Google robot.  Google often encourages this, even though the people that run Google really don't want that to happen.  Their search ranking algorithms encourage this type of behavior.

So we do not want to write a content piece that LOOKS like it was written for SEO purposes only.  We want people to actually READ what we write...and appreciate it, but how can we do this?

Google measures the Bounce Rate, which identifies how often people see your site and hit that dreaded "Back" button shortly after clicking onto your one of your web pages.  The higher this Bounce Rate, the less likely Google will rank your site at the top for that corresponding search phrase that made Google list your website.

The biggest problem is that if you do not write with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind, your web page will not likely land anywhere near Google's Page 1 for the keyword term you want to target.

1 Method to Write for Google SEO and for Human Readers

Write a Title.  Write any title that generally covers your topic.

Write naturally.  Don't worry about writing for SEO purposes, yet.  Just describe the topic, as if you were talking to the person next to you.  You will naturally use a lot of words that relate to the keyword topic, which is a good thing for people--and good for SEO.

Be Descriptive.  Assume that the reader does not have your background.  A lot of times, this is true, anyway.  However, there is a larger reason to explain everything.  You will use more keywords that describe the whole process, making Google more likely to believe that your content really is a good match for your intended topic (keyword).  Plus, you might accidentally rank for other keywords.

Review and Modify.  Look through what you wrote naturally.  Besides editing your writing work, look for opportunities to replace the words that you naturally used with keywords.  You might have to alter the sentence structure a little bit, but sometimes it is as simple as replacing a word or phrase with your keyword phrase.

Add Relevant Links.  This is one of the most overlooked pieces of the entire SEO puzzle.  (I am guilty of not doing this enough!)  Find your keywords and words that relate to your keywords.  Add links to different pages on your website and blog posts that you've made in the past.  Also, add in some links that lead to authority websites.  This will make your website more likely to be viewed as an authority reference page, too.

If you do these SEO oriented things, you will improve your chances of getting ranked well in Google.  You will also be more likely to have people STAY on your page once you finish reading.

What suggestions do you have to rank well with SEO while still providing good content for your readers?

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