Sunday, May 6, 2012

3 Reasons I Like the ReTweet Button on Twitter

The ReTweet Button on Twitter is really cool, I think!

As many of you know, I am mostly new to social media. I'm "learning as I go," and I am sharing things as I am discovering them, even if many other people discovered around the same time that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue (in 1492).

One of my newest revelations is pretty simple.

ReTweeting on Twitter is Easy

I've come to really like the Retweet option (Retweet button) on Twitter.

Three (3) Reasons I Like the ReTweet Button:
  1. Quickly Shows Information to My Group (My Followers)
  2. Promotes Other People
  3. Communicates with Other People
There might be more reasons to like this Retweet feature, but these are the reasons that I like it.

1. Quickly Shows Information to My Group (My Followers)

With a simple "click," I can share the Tweet with other people.  The info is shared with many.

I might Retweet a cool thought, a funny thought, a helpful thought, or a link to a cool articles.

I can share their finding with people in my group.  My Twitter Followers can see this--so quickly, too!

It allows me to be a provider of valuable information, especially if I do this regularly.

2. Promotes Other People

I enjoy promoting other people.  I'm a firm believer that if you share enough, people will care enough.

However, I do not advise that you should expect people to care about you, simply because you care about them.  They might have provided value for you--while you might not have provided as much value for them.

Even if you have, sharing should be a decision--not an obligation.

Example: ReTweeted post on Twitter
Which Tweet do you notice most easily?  The ReTweet, right?  (It looks different--helps promote!)
If you enjoy making people look good as much as I enjoy it, then ReTweet is a great way to do it.

A. You share their information.
B. Their Name and Profile Picture show on your stream of Tweets.  So they're getting credit for their original posts within your area.

Make good will, and make it quickly!

3. Communicates with Other People

One very selfish thing about me is that I want people to know I am helping them.  They don't have to repay me.  In fact, I know that if I help 20 people, only 0-3 people will respond--statistically speaking.

That's okay, but I want them to KNOW that I helped them.

Twitter offers a PERFECT solution for my type of selfishness!

When I ReTweet your Tweet, you get an EMAIL message.

What does this email message say?

It tells that person...
  • that I Retweet their post.  (It gives my Name and my Twitter Handle.)
  • WHICH post I ReTweeted
  • (BEST PART) the NUMBER OF FOLLOWERS who will see that person's original post.
Maybe many people never take the time to look at these emails, because Twitter sends out so many of them.  Emails from Twitter become easy to ignore.

However, I notice them when someone (a) mentions my name/Twitter Handle, (b) makes my Tweet a "Favorite," (c) Replies to one of my Tweets, or (d) ReTweets my post.

They took some time, and they did NOT have to do that.  I try to THANK them every time.  I sure notice them every time.

I really like that ReTweet button on Twitter.  It's the ultimate form of sharing.

Do you like to ReTweet posts?

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