Wednesday, May 16, 2012

If you aren't Deep Linking, you're probably wasting your time SEO Internet Marketing

When I first started marketing on the Internet, I did not understand some critical things.

One of these critical things I was missing was the concept of deep linking.

I was writing all sorts of articles and blog posts for this company (as a volunteer, thankfully).  I did a good job of getting backlinks to their site.  Truthfully, people were finding them.

However, I had to work a lot harder than necessary to get the results for this business.

I did not understand the importance of deep linking.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is a simple concept, but I see a lot of people fail to apply it.

To explain what deep linking is, I will first explain what it is not.

Many people and businesses have links going to their Home page.  Many of these people will have TONS of links pointing to their Home page.

This is okay, but there is something seriously missing here.

Question: When we refer to an article in Forbes, do we point to their home page?

No.  We point to that specific article URL--not the Home page domain.

Question: If we find a cool video on YouTube, do we point them to YouTube's Home page?

No.  We point people to that specific picture--giving the specific URL.

We point people to specific parts of these websites, because the Home page is only so useful.  If we want people to see the article or video, we send them the specific URL--not to or

So why do we keep sending people to our website's Home page?

YouTube is not popular because it has a cool Home page.  It's popular, because it contains a lot of things WITHIN its website that people like.

So people point to specific videos.

We need to point people to our Home page, but we also need to point people to other pages and blog posts on our website.

Websites that are popular have links going to many different pages within its website--not only to the Home page.

Definition: Deep linking is nothing more than sending backlinks to pages and blog posts within our websites.

Deep Linking is just natural and provides better SEO results more quickly.
If we want Google to think our website is popular or a valued resource, shouldn't we have our websites mimic the linking pattern that the truly popular websites have?

I don't always believe in following what is popular, but I do believe in following what works.

Don't make my mistake!  Start deep linking!

I created a ton of backlinks for that first company.  I helped them get found on the Internet, but I would have done a lot less work to generate the same SEO internet marketing results if I understood the concept of deep linking.

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