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4 Big Concerns for Small Business Facebook Marketing (by Craig Robinson)

Editor's Note: This is a guest post by Craig Robinson of Qwaya.  I am excited to include this post, because at this time, I do not have the background with using Facebook Ads to offer any legitimate insight.  Craig is the editor for Qwaya (http://www.Qwaya.com), which offers a lot of opportunities for businesses to target their marketing to specific types of people using key valuable demographic data.  I hope that you enjoy what Craig has to share.

With the meteoric rise of Facebook over the past few years, it’s fairly difficult to ignore the social site’s presence in the atmosphere of the Internet. It has influenced much of how businesses online operate in this day and age, and any business worth its salt will have at least a small Facebook presence to keep up with the brand name.

For small businesses in particular, Facebook provides an absolutely stellar opportunity to get some much needed recognition and to use your fan page as a marketing channel for your company. If done correctly, you should be able to pick up a wide number of fans and help to build your brand’s name over time.

Addressing Four Popular Marketing Concerns for Businesses on Facebook

Does Authenticity Sell?

In this context, we’re speaking more of true authenticity versus simply playing the part. For example, Facebook is beloved because it’s a no-frills kind of site. What you see is what you get; there are no fancy personalized templates nor is there an abundance of sleazy ads coming at you from every angle. To that end, Facebook seems incredibly authentic, and any business hoping to blend in with the Facebook generation and to earn fans also has to come across as authentic. This doesn’t mean stepping outside of your brand and building personal relationships with everyone using your real name and stats, but it does mean that your brand must remain authentic and appear organic.

Manual Labor or Autopilot?

When you’re building a marketing campaign via Facebook, you have two basic choices in terms of operation. You can do it manually or you can find a program to help you do it. Let’s cut out the purpose prose here and get to the bone. Do it with a program! Trying to do this manually will consume far too much of your time, even if you can do it relatively quickly. The right program is simply the way to go, because there’s always something extra to do to keep your marketing channel updated.

How to Keep Costs in Check?

Ah, money – the number-one concern of any small business out there. It can be hard to keep your costs in check once you decide on a program and then pony up the CPC money for a campaign. A great tip to save money in the long run—and even in the short run—is to use a program called Qwaya. As a Facebook management tool, Qwaya is as feature-rich and as user-friendly as anything that’s ever been on the market. You can schedule your ad releases, create them quickly, start or stop a current campaign, and easily track your results. This one-stop shop, so to speak, helps you keep expenses to a minimum.

Sponsorship or the Marketplace?

Here’s another concern that can be addressed with a short, to-the-point answer. Go with sponsored results whenever applicable! With the new Timeline feature, it’s true that more people are clicking through on basic marketplace engagement ads. However, Facebook sponsored ads have a much higher CTR and the ads stay relevant for a longer duration.

If your goal is to transform your Facebook page into your company’s marketing channel, then following the information above is a great way to get started. Small businesses can reap the rewards of Facebook’s immense presence if they can only follow the right formula.

About Craig Robinson: Craig Robinson works as an Editor at Qwaya.com and specializes in Social Media trends and online marketing. If you want to follow Craig, you can do so through Twitter.

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