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Does your brand include this 1 essential thing? (Hint: It doesn't cost a lot, either!)

Branding CAN be easy!

Most of us realize that branding is so important, because branding is people's perception of us.

Perception may not be reality, but a person's perception is his or her reality, and if we want that person's business, that person's perception very much becomes OUR reality, no matter how accurate.

That's why we care so much about our brand.

Some companies spend a fortune on their branding, and that is not always a bad thing.

Many of us try so hard to make sure people know that WE are the ones who provide the service or product that will be what the paying customer wants.  We want people to think that we're the best.

That's important!

However, there is something worth a TON but costs nothing.

The essential branding element is GRATITUDE!

That's right!  It's just some form of a simple "Thank you!"

Do you appreciate your customers?  Do you really appreciate their business, or does it feel like a burden?

How does your brand really show gratitude?

Are we really appreciating our customers?

Some of us mindlessly say "Thank you," to the person who buys something from us.

Some of us might include something like, "Thank you for your business!" at the bottom of an invoice we send on a monthly basis.

...and are you thankful for anything else?

Besides getting orders from people, are you thankful for anything else?

Are you grateful to meet someone new?

Did somebody take time to refer someone your way?  Did you appreciate that?  Does "that somebody" know you appreciate it?

Did somebody send you a nice note or give you some unexpected encouragement?

If you are not doing a good job of making sure people realize that you appreciate them, THAT will be part of your brand--A MAJOR PART.

"He does good work, but he seems to take me for granted."

"She makes me feel like she's doing me a favor when I buy something from her."

Do you want THAT to be part of YOUR brand?  (I hope not!)

Ways of Thanking People That Show Gratitude

How are you showing your gratitude for people?

Of course, there is always the simple, "Thank you."

However, that is overused and often seems hollow.  Plus, we all know that saying Thanks does not take much effort.

Making us FEEL like we're appreciated?  Now THAT takes a little more...

...but it doesn't take THAT much more.

While there are countless ways to make someone feel appreciated, here are a few examples:
  • Send a Thank You Note.  You can send a formal letter or even a simple e-mail.  When you do this, make sure you make it clear WHY you appreciate whatever that person (or company) did for you.  Make it clear and specific; otherwise, it will seem like nothing more than a hollow task that you felt obligated to complete.  This is not very hard, but hardly anyone does this, anymore.  It will set you apart and be a part of your brand.  (The "Thank You Note Guy/Gal")
  • Write up a Recommendation.  Did you really like something that somebody did for you?  Take the time to write up a recommendation.  Include why you thought that this person (or company) is great.  It does not have to be formal or long, but it does have to be heartfelt and clearly state WHY you are so impressed.  If you recommend someone, do you think that might make them see--and feel--your appreciation?  How do you think that this will affect YOUR image?
  • Offer to Help.  Do you know what is important to that person who just did something to help you?  Is there something you might be able to do to help them?  If you think you might be able to help them, offer your help.  How do you think they will feel about your brand now?
  • Send an Article.  You can send an article, a helpful tip, a video, etc.  Just as long as you send the person something that they will find to be valuable, make a quick note and send it.  The person might not connect that you are thankful for something specific that they did, but they will feel like you value them...and appreciate them.
Do most of these seem to be difficult to do?  With the possible exception of offering to help, none of these take that long.

How often do you notice people or companies doing any of these things?

While I take pride that I am good with doing some of these things--usually--I still have times where I do not let the other person realize how much I appreciate what they have done for me.

The better job I do of making people feel appreciated, the better my brand will be.

After all, your brand is simply people's perception of you.

Let's do what we can to help other people and companies realize how much we appreciate them.

How do YOU make GRATITUDE a part of YOUR brand?  This part of branding SHOULD be easy for you!

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