Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Video: Internet Marketing Tip: How to Add an Event on LinkedIn

NOTE: The Events module is no longer available on LinkedIn.

You can add events on LinkedIn.  It's easy.

On this video, I demonstrate
  • How to Add an Event on LinkedIn
  • How to Add the Event LinkedIn Application
  • How to Look up Events on LinkedIn (Other People's Events)
Here is the video.  It's a little longer than it should be--about 9 minutes, but I show several things.  (The bulk of the lesson is covered within the first 5-1/2 minutes.)

Here are three (3) reasons to add an event to LinkedIn.

  1. Make Yourself Appear Active--Not Lazy
    • If you have the Event Application on your LinkedIn Profile, your Events will show there.
    • If you aren't attending the events, at least, post them.  You will appear to look like a knowledge source within your industry or community.
  2. Other LinkedIn Users Can Find Your Event
    • People who DO NOT know you can find the event (and possibly attend the event).
    • People who know you but are not looking at your LinkedIn Profile can find your event.
  3. Your Event Indexes on Google
    • People who are NOT using LinkedIn can still find your event using search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
BONUS: Actually, there is a bonus reason if you are an Internet Marketer.  Adding an event on LinkedIn provides another opportunity to leave a backlink on the LinkedIn Event to your targeted website.  Those of use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques know that backlinks from respected sites (like LinkedIn) are valuable toward helping your website get ranked--and found.

SEO Tips: Places to Use Keywords Carefully

Event Title:  This is probably the most important place to include your major keyword.
Event Description
Event Tags:  Use tags that LinkedIn suggests, but also add your own keywords as tags.

BONUS:  Add "questions" to ask visiting viewers of the event.  Use keywords to that portion, also.

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