Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LinkedIn Tip: You can change the order of your sections.

You can change the order of your LinkedIn Sections--and it's EASY!

Do you want your LinkedIn Recommendations to be listed first?  No problem!

Would you prefer to list your Education first?  Again, No problem!

Here is a video that shows (basically) how to do it. (It's a little different today, but not much!)

This video is slightly outdated, but the concept is the same.  No longer are there "handles" on the upper-left corner of each LinkedIn section.  You just grab ANYWHERE on the LinkedIn Section Header and drag it to the location where you want people to see it.  (It's still EASY!)

If you don't want to watch the video, here are the steps.

1. Log into your LinkedIn account.
2. Go to Edit Profile (Move your mouse over "Profile" and select "Edit Profile")
3. Go to the LinkedIn Section that you want to move.
4. Move your mouse pointer over the section's Header.
5. Click and Hold the Left Mouse button.
6. Drag the LinkedIn section to the "new" location.
7. Release the Mouse button.

That's it!

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