Sunday, March 4, 2012

Review: White Lake Twp Library Event: Denise Harris-Fiems: Computer Club: Digital Photography

Denise Harris-Fiems spoke at the White Lake Twp Library event this past Thursday (3/1/12).

Denise is the reference librarian at the White Lake Township Library, but she also runs the Computer Club at the library.

A computer club meets monthly at the White Lake Twp (MI) Library.  In March 2012, they discussed digital photography.
This month's computer club meeting had a good turnout, and it focused on digital photography.

This is not an internet marketing group, but there are things discussed within it that an be applied to internet marketing.
Here is some of the information on the sheet that Denise Fiems-Harris typed for the group.

Make sure to prune your photos.
  • Review and Delete Photos that you will not use.  (This keeps down the photo list size manageable.)
  • Name your Photos--shortly after taking them.  (You might forget where you took the pic or what it is.)
Tips for Naming Photos (so that you don't lose track of them)
  • Use the Date the Photo was Taken (YYMMDD Format--alphabetizes this way)
  • Be Consistent with Naming by Category
  • Use 3-Digit Convention (i.e. 001, 002, 003, etc.)
Websites where you can Upload Your Pictures (Good for Internet Marketing & Branding)
Photo Editing Software
  • Windows Media Center
  • LightRoom
  • Adobe Photoshop
Cool Tip: Deleted a Photo by Accident?
Denise Harris-Fiems and the White Lake Twp Library runs a generous, helpful program, including the Computer Club.  If you're close, I would suggest stopping by there.  In addition to the monthly Computer Club meetings, they offer computer courses, like Basic MS Word, MS Excel, Facebook, ways to enjoy eReaders, etc.

As a side note, they even host a program that lets people compete in Wii Bowling on their big screen.

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