Sunday, March 18, 2012

Branding Tip: About Us Section: Can people REALLY write about you or your company?

Could a stranger write your "About You" or "About Your Company" section very well?

Most of us personally have some presence on the Internet, and our businesses have, at least, SOME presence on the Internet.

Within my quick video, "Free Marketing Tip: Improving Your Branding Image on the Internet," I give a few simple tips about ways to brand yourself a little better when people search your name.

However, I ran across a situation last week that made me realize something really important.

Someone asked me to modify a press release for her.  She won an award with a pretty major company, and that company sent her a press release template.  All she had to do on this template was (a) supply a quote about her response to winning this award and (b) a description of her company.

Technically, a quote has to come from the actual person, but this is not the focus of my post.

Usually, it is pretty easy to create a description of another company or person.  Often, there is a description already prepared somewhere on the Internet.

In those cases where there is NOT a description, I can usually cobble together something, because there is enough information on the Internet.  I just have to find it and organize it.

However, this particular person did not have very much at all.

Luckily, I had talked to this person a few times.  So I had a flavor.

Even so, I still only did a mediocre job.  Why?  There just was not enough information, and the information available was not all that clear.

As a writer, this is my job to ask questions.  So this particular individual does not need to provide a clear explanation on the Internet to me.  I am not her target customer.

However, what about her target customers--who DO NOT KNOW HER?

This realization brought to my attention that everyone should check themselves for this.

The problem is that we already know what we want people to notice and think about us.

We need to hire someone else--who does not really know us--to write an "About Us" section.  If we're satisfied with what that person wrote, then we probably have done a good job of providing information about ourselves and what we do on the Internet.

If that person does NOT do a good job, either that person is a poor researcher, a substandard writer, or most likely we aren't as clear about ourselves on the Internet as we should be.

Internet marketing should make it clear who we are and what we do.

Check yourself, and see whether other people are getting the message that you are trying to deliver.

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