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Marketing Tip: 3 Ways to Use Press Releases (Including Online Branding!)

Press releases are an overlooked POWERFUL online marketing tool.

Press Releases are really important for marketing your business on the Internet, but many online marketers seems to look over them.  Every marketer should be taking advantage of them!

Press Releases are not sexy, but they are effective.

Many people have heard or read about article marketing, but press releases are NOT articles.

Articles are really good for helping establish credibility about a specific expertise a person or company might have.  Sometimes, they will rank fairly well within Google (and other search engines), but so many people have used articles to gain ranking that

Press Releases are often more powerful than articles.

Here are 3 Ways to Use Press Releases
There are three (3) major ways to use press releases, even if you mostly rely on social media marketing (SMM) and not a big fan of search engine marketing (SEO).
  1. Help Support Your Online Brand
  2. Take an Extra Spot on Long Tail Keyword Result Page
  3. SEO Backlinks
1. Help Your Online Brand

I start with this one, because many people who use social media marketing methods (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Pinterest, etc.), but do not ever consider search engine optimization (SEO) OFTEN GET BURNED BY THIS.

When people meet you in person or online, they really do not know very much about you.  Actually, shortly after they first meet you, they will probably investigate you a little before they decide to do any business with you.

How will they investigate you?

Most people will use Google.  They will simply type
A. Your Name
B. Your Company Name

Do you know what appears when they do this?

For many people, it is really not very much at all.  It does not leave a very solid impression.

Some companies might have their website, but that is about it.

Now what if they ALSO saw some REALLY GOOD PRESS about you?

One of the best ways to get good press?

A press release will help you get really good press.  They tend to rank well within Google when they have the proper keywords.  In this case, that "keyword" is simply your name or company name.

You can write and submit your own press releases.  (Other people can write and submit them for you, too, but I am just trying to make the point that you CAN control what people see about you.)

Suggestion: Write a press release about yourself or your company.

(Ideas for Press Release Topics: Grand Opening, Attended Events, Spoke at Events, Endorses Someone, Reviews a Product, etc.)

2. Take an Extra Spot on Long Tail Keyword Result Page

Since press releases tend to rank well, they often take an additional spot on the search result page when you have a long-tail keyword.

Besides your website or landing page, a press release gives the Internet searcher another chance to select something that represents YOU--instead of your competition!

Suggestion: There are 10 spots on Page 1 of Google; take as many of those spots as you can.

Press releases are a great way to take one or more of those top spots on Page 1 of Google.

3. SEO Backlinks

There are a couple of key backlinking rules in SEO.

Rule #1: In search engine optimization, there is a rule.  The more backlinks you have, the better chance you have of getting ranked on Google (or any other search engine).

Rule #2: The more Google respects the quality of those backlinks, the more Google will respect your website, meaning that it will have a better chance of ranking more highly in Google for your targeted keyword terms.

In general, the more good quality backlinks you have, the better chance you have of getting a good search ranking.

Since press releases tend to rank well, they are often considered to be a high quality backlink.

Articles used to be this way, but too many people used--and abused--articles.  So Google often does not respect them.  Many people are uncomfortable writing press releases, however.  Therefore, press releases will continue to rank well...and press releases will continue to be a source of high quality backlinks.

Press releases can contain backlinks to...
A. Your Main Website
B. Your Landing Page (that is targeting a specific keyword)
C. Other Press Releases

Note that last one!

Imagine that you have a press release, already considered to be a high quality backlink to your website.  Now imagine that you have OTHER press releases pointing toward your first press release.  How much more powerful will your press release be?

How do you envision press releases will help YOUR business?

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