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Internet Marketing Tip: How Twitter and LinkedIn Work Together

Most people know that there are different social media platforms.

Some people know--better than I do--that there are some good strategies that tie together many of these social media platforms.

Twitter gets a lot of popularity, because it is easy to use.  Each Tweet takes a quick moment, and it is relatively easy to get lots of Followers.  (I know some people with tens of 1000's of Followers.)

LinkedIn is nowhere nearly as popular as Twitter, but it holds a lot of power.

We all know that we "should" be using about 1000 different social media platforms in our marketing.  Some people are that good to pull off that feat, but what about the rest of us who can't?  How can we balance our social media marketing (SMM) efforts?

It is easy to spend--and waste--a lot of time on the computer playing around, because it is fun to be social.  It is not always easy to determine when our "socializing" is productive versus simply an escape.

There are many answers--only a few of which I actually know--but I am claiming that you can make Twitter and LinkedIn work together efficiently and productively.

How can Twitter and LinkedIn work together?

I am going to offer two (2) different techniques you can use.  However, to help frame this, I am going to explain my goals for each social media platform:  Twitter and LinkedIn.

My Goals for Social Media Platforms

Goals: Twitter
  • Get Ideas
  • Share Info/Posts
  • Promote
  • Build Following
  • Recruit to Read My Blog
Goals: LinkedIn
  • Build Connections
  • Get Ideas
  • Share Ideas
  • Showcase Ability
  • Recruit People to Follow Me (on Twitter)
  • Recruit to Read My Blog
  • Entice People to Refer Me

Technique #1: Using Twitter to Feed LinkedIn

I use Twitter to help my presence on LinkedIn.  It is actually pretty easy to do.

Grab Posts from Twitter: Twitter has many people who want to be seen.  So there are many people who spend a lot of time reading different things around the Internet--just so they can "share" them on Twitter.

Share Posts on LinkedIn: LinkedIn allows you to post to your Connections and within Groups.  Share things that you find on Twitter to your influence on LinkedIn.

Note: It is a good idea to ReTweet other people's posts and give credit to the person (on Twitter) who found the cool or helpful post.

Add Insight to Post: I see a lot of people simply share a post without adding any of his or her own thoughts.  Twitter is a place for hit-and-run broadcasts.  LinkedIn allows people to expand on things a little.

What is the point of showing a post (that someone else found) if you do not add anything to it yourself?  Yes, people will read it, but your LinkedIn Connections and fellow LinkedIn Group members will have no reason to remember you, other than you "post cool stuff--from other people."

Generate & Respond to Comments: You have the best chance of making a positive impression when they engage in conversation with you.  Now, you're not just another person just "posting" things, which can be accomplished by a robot or hired help.  YOU are truly sharing yourself, and people enjoy receiving personal attention (even if they don't always want to give that personal attention themselves--don't be discouraged!).

My advice is to make people feel welcome and comfortable, but I also advise that you find ways to unlock their thoughts.  Then you have a great chance to see THEIR intelligence and abilities.  The more ability you see from them, the better chance that they might be able to help you (or you them).

Find Key Connections: Each person wants to meet certain types of people.

Personally, I am looking for people who are engaging, are kind, and who like to share original thoughts.  Most of all, I am looking for people who I can trust and can think independently.

I also try to find people who might fit a need that I have today or tomorrow.

What are YOU trying to find?

Recruit to Follow You on Twitter: I don't do this enough, but Twitter is powerful because of the QUANTITY of people who use it.

LinkedIn allows you to develop your own personality--allowing you to separate yourself from the crowd.  Bring over these people to Twitter, where they probably have their own Twitter Followers.  Now, you are exposing yourself to more people.

Follow your new people from LinkedIn, and you more sources of information to learn and share.

Technique #2: Using LinkedIn to Feed Twitter

I use LinkedIn to help my presence on Twitter.  This is even EASIER to do.

Grab Posts from LinkedIn: There are many people who share things on LinkedIn.  Most of the people who follow me on Twitter are not my LinkedIn Connections.  So they probably have not seen the same things that I have seen.

Share Posts on Twitter:  I take these cool or helpful posts that I see on LinkedIn and share them with my Followers on Twitter.

This is quick, because there is not much room to comment on Twitter (only 140 characters).  So people are not demanding a cool comment.

Although, you should think about writing an ENTICING HEADLINE so that they will NOTICE YOU.  It is not easy to be noticed on Twitter.

Promote the Author and Contributor: When I can, I try to give credit to the person who shared the post and the person who wrote the post.

Not only is this the "right" thing to do, it also improves your exposure.  People tend to find when other people refer to them.  If you are doing something kind for them, they might actually notice you.  If you are doing good things when they are noticing you, they might share things from you to people who follow them--more exposure for you.

LinkedIn and Twitter can work together well to provide material for you to share (and learn), and you can promote people from one platform (LinkedIn or Twitter) and cross over to promote them on the other platform.

You can also use each to build your exposure.  That's the main purpose of social media, isn't it?

How do you use Twitter and LinkedIn?  Are you using them to YOUR benefit, or are you just spending time on each one?

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  1. This internet marketing tip is really useful for me i will definitely try it. Thanks for sharing .

  2. Interesting post, Chris. I feed my Tweets to LinkedIn usually by adding the #li hashtag. But I probably don't do enough sharing LinkedIn back with Twitter. The more you can intertwine these platforms, the better off you'll be. Good tips!

    1. Thanks, Matt.

      Truthfully, I still have a TON to learn about Twitter. I don't use #hashtags nearly enough, much less the #in or #li to integrate Twitter with LinkedIn.

      I'm slower than the Twitter crowd. So LinkedIn is my largest driver since it fits my personality better, but I'm trying hard to integrate some parts of Twitter.

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