Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Marketing Tip: Twitter Taught Me a Customer Service Lesson

As many of you know, I am new to using Twitter.  I've been using it for about a month now.

I still don't really have the "hang" of it, but I have learned a few things.

One of those lessons SHOULD have been common sense, but it was not common to ME until someone gave me a (good) dose of it.

Lesson: Send a personal message to your followers.

Sometimes, it is flattering to receive a message saying that "John Doe is not following you on Twitter."  Many times, though, you are not sure how they heard of you or read about you.  These Followers seem to come by the boatload, and many of them are not legitimate.

The volume of these Followers and questionable legitimacy makes you want to take customer service shortcuts.

Then I receive examples of good customer service.

For several people, when I "Follow" them on Twitter, they send me a message thanking me for following them.  THAT is flattering, and more importantly, it provides me an example of good customer service.

I am trying to incorporate this, still, but I want to provide people with that same feeling that comes from receiving unusually good customer service.

Plus, so few people are willing to do that, you separate yourself from the crowd--in a good way.  A perfect way for people to remember you--that you did something memorable.

So many people use social media platforms to shout their message to their "personal masses," but there are very few people using these platforms who actually listen.  There seems to be even fewer people using these marketing methods to give a genuinely PERSONAL TOUCH to their Friends, Followers, Connections, etc.

Isn't that why SOCIAL media marketing is supposed to be so great?  You market yourself by being SOCIABLE!

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