Thursday, February 23, 2012

Branding Tip: How to Add a "Follow Me at Twitter" Button

While looking up something for myself, I ran across an AWESOME video this morning.

How do you get and add that Twitter Follow @ YourName button?

It's easy!

Actually, this video by Isaac Wardell ( MAKES it easy!

You can watch the video, or you can read these instructions.

How to Create HTML Code for Twitter Follow Button
1. Go to
2. Click "Add Twitter to your Website" Button
3. Click on the "Follow" Button (There are 3 options--choose the middle one.)
4. Select Choices for your Button Appearance (looks a little different today than when he recorded the video)
5. Copy HTML Code

How to implement the Twitter Follow Button
6. Go to Your Website Editing Area
7. Create Widget/Gadget/Etc. HTML Code Box
8. Paste Code into HTML Code Box
9. Save Changes

Benefits of Adding Twitter Follow Button on Your Website

You probably know since you are trying to do this for yourself (and you took time to read my post and watch the video), but I'm excited about this, because...

A. Users NEVER have to leave MY website.  They can just FOLLOW me.
B. It makes it EASY for me to stay in front of people who want to learn more about my ideas.
C. It provides an additional Call-to-Action that you can tell people.  (Not everyone wants you to send email!)
D. People cannot see your Twitter posts--UNLESS they are following  you.  Make it easy for them!

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