Thursday, December 29, 2016

Do you impress me? 50+ Things about You That Will

You do not need to impress me, and you do not need to impress anyone else.  Yet, it (almost) always feels good when we impress others, but do we always know what it will take?

This is probably a good exercise for all of to do, but honestly, it occurred to me that this would make for an interesting discussion topic…and exercise.  Imagine asking other people what about others impress them.

In no particular order, here are some of the things about you that impress me:

You do an exceptional job of listening.
You took time to get to know some things about me in advance.
You are quick on your feet.
You think things through thoroughly.
 You ask intelligent questions...or at least pertinent ones.
You make it a mission to be objective.
You are conscientious.
You don’t think you know everything.
You make me feel comfortable around you.
You have the drive to make it (not just a want but an undeniable drive to get there).
You find reasons to give other people credit.
You find ways to improve things.
You have taken time to specialize in a skill.
You give really good eye contact.
You are passionate with positive thoughts and emotions.
You have independent thoughts, not just simply repeat what other people say or write.
You’re constantly finding ways to help people grow.
You get excited about helping people.
You have an ability to build something from nothing.
You have an ability to improve things - not to find fault but
You have an open mind yet still can be decisive.
You are not looking for excuses to fail
You seek lessons from mistakes or failures.
You make a point to be approachable.
You manage your emotions even during stressful situations.
You are graceful, even when others are attacking you.
You go out of your way to avoid “feeling offended.”
You have amazing connections.
You are incredibly logical.
You send me a thoughtful email after I meet with you.
You are naturally intelligent.
You are confident (without being cocky).
You are capable of wording things cleverly.
You help me find words that I’ve been thinking for years but could never find.
You are a great communicator - avoid making things more complicated than necessary.
You are encouraging.
You are an entertaining story teller.
You make me laugh…really hard.
You are energetic.
You are motivated and driven.
You make a point to see the good in each person and feel compelled to help others understand it.
You help me see something in myself that I never noticed.
You stand up for someone who cannot stand up for himself/herself.
You pick up someone when he/she is down.
You want me to feel really good about myself.
You make me think of things from a different perspective.
You enjoy helping others learn new things.
You thrive on helping people experience new things.
You showcase well-developed leadership skills.
You’re persistent. You believe in yourself, even when the world does not.
You know when to quit…cut your losses…instead of trying to keep “saving face.”
You make it easy to know how I (or others) can help you.
You seek advice and guidance, not handouts.
You want to see people be successful.
You want to see people happy.
You love to learn.

You truly want to find a way to make the world a better place.

I do not require anyone to be ALL of these things.  These are just things I notice in some people that really impress me.  Honestly, there is probably more, but these crossed my mind this time around.

NOTE: Some of these things I see in myself.  Some of them I wish I could.

It’s a good exercise to make me focus on things I like about people - things that make me happy within the moment of observing them…and afterward.

An unexpected benefit I got from doing this exercise is that I notice that my immediate attitude is better than before I began it.  It was not only interesting, but it was fun to put together this list.  I think because it made me think about positive things for a sustained period.

Isn’t that what we really want from life…is to feel good?

What impresses you?

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