Friday, October 5, 2012

Social Media Marketing - 1 Benefit Discovered (Unexpectedly)

We all hear people say how social media marketing is crucial for business; however, most of the people that I hear saying this (or things like this) really are not experiencing the benefits--they're just lecturing about them.

Ann Smarty showed me that her Twitter social media marketing methods influenced my Google search result selection.

This evening, while researching something, I looked up something on Google.  Like it does most of the time, Google did a really good job of providing me with websites that helped answer my question.

In fact, many times, it provides SO many good search results that I have a hard time deciding upon which website to check first to find my answer.

This evening, I did a search, and--like usual--Google provided me with many potential "answers" (websites).  I had a hard time deciding at first...except I saw one result...from someone I "met" on Twitter.

I've never met Ann Smarty, but I've seen her posts on Twitter--many times, and they're always good.  This affected what I selected when I used Google to search something.  I saw her picture, and felt comfortable...All because of what she's done on Twitter.  THAT is good SEO!
Ann Smarty is not anyone I know in my "real life."  However, she constantly is on Twitter, and she seems to be really good using good Titles in her Twitter posts.  Often, those titles cover a topic that has a good chance of interesting me.  When I take time to read her posts, those posts are always thorough--often providing neat tips and a lot of helpful diagrams.

When I did a search in Google, one of the "answers" (websites) was a post from Ann Smarty.

Actually, I checked a couple of posts on the page and was ready to do a different search.  Then I saw a search result from Ann Smarty.

Because of me "knowing" her from Twitter, I decided to take a look at HER post--a search result I almost overlooked.

I only looked at the post from Ann Smarty because of what I "know" about her from Twitter.

Social media directly influenced my decision while using Google for my own searches.

Her social media marketing helped remove my objectivity when selecting which search result to visit..  Her post was not #1 on the page...It was Search Result #3, but I was more interested in HER post--because I "know" her from Twitter.

Social media affected my Google search behavior.

I never considered that potential benefit until I paid attention to my own behavior.

Have you noticed different ways that YOUR online behavior or habits are affected by people you meet through social media?

By the way, if you're interested, here is the post from Ann Smarty that made me think to write this post:

(Remark: Ann Smarty really DOES a good job.  I'm happy to be influenced by her social media marketing methods.)

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  1. wow! It's awesome to know my Twitter participation makes a difference! Thanks for your kind words as well!

  2. You're welcome, Ann. Actually, it's just a realization I made at the time. I wasn't looking for that lesson. It just "hit" me.

    (Thanks for taking time to show your appreciation on my blog.)


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