Friday, October 19, 2012

1 HUGE Mistake Business Owners Make

Many business owners make this one (1) mistake, and it almost always kills them.
Many business owners kill themselves with this simple mistake!
Most people want to get into business to make money, and a quite a few business owners are passionate. 
In fact, most business owners believe that they have SOMETHING to offer to their customers.

I gave a talk last week to a group of people about editing videos.

After I finished speaking, a young lady asked me about how she could make videos work for her.

Not knowing anything about her or her business, I started asking some questions.  Certainly, I am not foolish enough to think that all marketing plans fit all businesses.  I try to customize my approach (or suggestions of an approach) depending upon what I understand about that business.

Actually, I try to understand the CUSTOMERS for that business.  What do they want?

This young lady got frustrated, because she kept barking that customers SHOULD buy from her.

She is wrong.

Sadly, she might be right about the fact that she offers something that can help customers.

However, we (customers) don't usually buy simply because somebody tells us we SHOULD.

Even if that person explains WHY we SHOULD buy, most of us are resentful of anyone who LECTURES us.  That's exactly what that person is doing when he or she says we SHOULD buy a product or service.

Mistake: Don't SHOULD on people!

What is a more effective way for business owners to approach people?

Find what the want or think they "need?"

SHOULD a 20-year-old kid plan for retirement?

In almost all cases...YES!

Are most 20-year-old kids considering retirement planning to be a top priority?


Quite a few of them would like to buy cars?

They might enroll in a seminar that promises to teach them what they need so they can afford to buy a cool sports car.

Not all things they "want" or perceive they "need" are bad for them.  This approach can be used constructively, too.

Many 20-year-old kids will be interested in joining a gym that has great equipment, is convenient, has lots of good-looking people going to it, and is affordable.  They might be more interested if this gym has a list of parties in the area for the upcoming weekend.

Suggestion: Find what people want or think they need, and figure how you can offer something to serve those needs or perceived wants.

Many business owners make the mistake of looking at their businesses through their understanding of what is important--not their customers' ideas of what they believe is important.

That is one (1) mistake that can kill any business, even ones with the greatest ideas.

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