Thursday, September 6, 2012

Increase Brand Awareness with Quality Event Signage

This is a guest post by by Belinda Darling of Footscray Signarama in Austrailia.

Brand awareness.

Brand Awareness is the one of the key buzz phrases in business…and for good reason. In today’s highly competitive economic climate, brands need to fight to be heard above that other noisy clamor. Social media and online advertising have taken the information overload to new heights. Many people have trained themselves to block out the white noise of incessant television and radio advertising.

Taking your business to a trade fair or event is an exciting way to promote brand awareness and drum up revenue.  Unlike many other advertising mediums, you have a captive audience.

Clever Signage Increases Brand Awareness

That’s why your choice of event signage is crucial to be able to focus people’s attention on your brand.  There are many different event signage options, from banners and flags to fence wrap and stands. Clever event signage can set you apart from other vendors vying for attention.

Good Signage Example: Hot Dog Vendor

Let’s imagine that you’re a food vendor who’s won the tender to provide hot dogs at a music festival.  A hot dog stand at a festival with a banner stating nothing more complicated than ‘Hot Dogs’ is hardly going to create awareness of the vendors brand.

On the other hand, a hot dog stand using clever, eye-catching signage, brightly coloured flags emblazoned with the company logo, for example, will draw much more attention than the standard boring minimal bland signage.

Using your signage to promote WHY THESE HOT DOGS truly are the best: “Jerry’s Hot Dogs- It’s All In The Sauce!” will pique curiosity and get your brand name noticed. Consulting a professional event signage company can assist you in making choices that will maximise awareness of your brand at events.

Event signage is universally recognised as a cost effective way of promoting your brand. Your event signage can be customised to incorporate your business logo and any other information you want to impart to potential customers.

To learn more about how you can use event signage to maximise awareness of your brand and increase revenue, visit Footscray Signarama at

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