Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Twitter - The Combo Punch - An Effective Way to Use It

I've been doing a lot of thinking about social media--about many of the different social media platforms but especially Twitter.  The more I think about it, the more things I am purposely checking.

One way that I see Twitter being used effectively is what I call The Combo Punch.

Many boxers have a good FIRST punch, but the best ones have COMBINATIONS of punches.

George Foreman and Mike Tyson are two people who could do all of the damage they need just with one punch.  One punch from either of these men could put down most men to sleep--for good.

Mike Tyson had devastating power, but he was even more dangerous because of his combinations.

Even so, during the early part of each of these Hall of Fame boxers' careers, they leveled their opponents with extremely quick...that's right...combinations (of punches).  That first punch would setup the victim.

The other boxer would be too busy reacting to that first punch to notice (or defend against) that second punch.  In other words, they would WEAKEN their opponents with that first punch.  That 2nd punch might not be any harder, but it often did more damage.  They already weakened their opponent, and then they nailed their opponents, again.

What does this have to do with an effective Twitter approach to social media?  Two (2) steps...

Step #1: Tweet an intriguing title...making them curious and eager to come to see more of what you have to say.

Step #2: Deliver the goods.  Make sure that you are leading them to something that will make them remember you...in a GOOD way.

Tweet and Provide Good Info: A combo as devastating as a Mike Tyson punching combination.
However, there is so much info on the Web, if a stranger just dumped an article/blog post on us, we probably wouldn't take time to read it.

With a clever Tweet to lead us there, we are open for that second "punch."

We need to be careful, though.  If we keep leading people with great Tweet titles (first punch) but keep disappointing them  with empty blog posts (no 2nd punch - no combo or weak combo), people will no longer fall for our Tweets (our 1st punches).

Here are some non-boxing ways to think of it.
  1. Search Results: Websites that give a different title than the actual content on the site.  (Bait and switch)  How do YOU feel about THAT?
  2. Backlinks: Clickable anchor text that leads to a page that has NOTHING to do with the words that you clicked.  How do YOU feel about THAT?
  3. Ads for Products: Store advertises a big sale (or has a coupon) for a certain product, but they're "all out of those."  Then they try to sell you something else.  How do YOU feel about THAT?
Each of these had GREAT first punches (ways to get you where they wanted you), but none of these had any of the goods you wanted...once you were there.

Your online marketing needs that GREAT combo!

Without that great initial Tweet (or some other way of leading people to you), not very many people will find you.  A second punch never happens without the first punch.

Practice your combos...and land 'em.

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