Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Video Marketing Tip: How to Create a YouTube Playlist

Video Marketing Tip: How to Create a YouTube Playlist

Today, I am going to show you how to do something in YouTube that is neat, but it is also part of smart online video marketing.

Do you know how to create a YouTube Playlist?  If not, watch the video below:

NOTE: I will write out the instructions at the end of this, in case you prefer to read rather than watch video tutorials.

However, there is a better question to ask about YouTube Playlists...

WHY should we care about creating YouTube Playlists?

There might be a lot of reasons, but I am sharing two (2) main reasons.
1.YouTube Playlists quickly create an additional web asset for you.  You can combine several videos that you created earlier and combine them into a new YouTube Playlist, which gets its own URL and can be found on its own.

2. You can piggyback off other, more successful videos.  You can create a YouTube Playlist of YOUR video AND other videos.  Since these other videos have proven that they attract views (and get listed well within search results), you can place your video in the middle of some of that traffic.  This is really smart online video marketing.

BONUS:  Video Playlists quickly create a sharable asset, if you are trying to make a name for yourself online via social media.  You can use other people's hard work and share it--just like many people do with blog posts and articles.  All of this is okay, because most of us who create things WANT you to share them.  That's how people MIGHT discover us.  This is a win-win!

Example: YouTube Playlist

For your reference, here is the YouTube Playlist we created within our tutorial:

Instructions: How to Create a YouTube Playlist

As promised, here are the step-by-step directions about how to create your own YouTube Playlist:
1. Login to your YouTube account
2. Go to Video Manager (click on your channel in the upper-right corner to expand menu)
3. On left side column, click "Playlists"
4. Click on "+ New Playlist" button
5. Add URL of YouTube Video
6. Click "Add" button
7. Repeat Steps 5-6 until you added all of the videos to your new YouTube Playlist
8. On the upper-right corner, click the "Save" button.

Instructions: How to Access Your Playlists

1. Login to your YouTube account
2. Go to Video Manager
3. On the left side column, click "Playlists"
4. Select the YouTube Playlist you want

YouTube Playlists are fun gimmicky things to make the YouTube experience more fun, and they also save some people the hassle of trying to find that group of--otherwise--unrelated videos.

However, they have a valuable use within online video marketing, too.  They are another asset to allow people to find you, and you can climb the backs of other giants--within the video world--and combine your video(s) within a Playlist with their more popular videos.

They can even play a role with helping your social media marketing effort.

Have you used YouTube Playlists?  How have you used them?  How do you think you could use them better?

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