Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Internet Marketing Tip: How to Schedule Posts-WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr

Have you ever tried posting to your blog on a schedule, but you suddenly realize that you have a time conflict on the day you are supposed to post?

Most of us "hear" that we can schedule posts, but only some people know how to schedule a blog post to publish later--not now.

If you know how to do this, you don't need to keep reading.

If you don't care about how to do this, you don't need to keep reading.

However, if you don't know but wish you did, HERE are the instructions for posting to your WordPress, Blogger, or Tumbr blogs.
To Schedule a Blog Post on WordPress
( or the more common WordPress install within your hosting service):

WordPress "Add New Post" Screen: Notice "Publish immediately" in the right hand column.

 On the right side column, notice the area where it says, "Publish."

The default is to "Publish immediately," but you don't want that.  So YOU click "Edit."

A closer view: Click "Edit" beside "Publish Immediately"

Once you click "Edit," you will see the screen below here:

Change the Date/Time, and Click "OK."

Once you are in the "Edit" mode, you can change the date and the time to WHEN IN THE FUTURE you want to publish to your WordPress blog.


To Schedule a Blog Post on Blogger

Blogger: the "New Post" screen; See "Schedule" on the right hand column.
On the right hand side, click the "Schedule" link.

A Closer View: Click on "Schedule"

After you click "Schedule," then you need to select "Set date and time."

To schedule a post in Blogger, click "Set data and time"

After you choose the option to "Set date and time," that area will expand to show a time box and a calendar.

Blogger: Once you "Select date and time," you will see this area expand.

Select WHEN IN THE FUTURE you want to publish to your Blogger blog.  Once you choose your date and time, click the "Done" button.


To Schedule a Blog Post on Tumblr

See "publish now" on the right hand column.

In the right hand column of your screen, notice "publish now" with a dropdown arrow next to it.

Click this dropdown arrow.

Select "publish on..."
Once the menu dropdown expands, select "publish on..."

Tumblr: Add Publish Day/Time
Unlike WordPress and Blogger, to change the Date and Time, it is more manual, as you have to type out WHEN IN THE FUTURE you want to publish your post to your Tumblr blog.

Afterwards, click outside the box, and the date/time registers.


Is there anything else you would like to learn?  Certainly, I don't know everything, but I can show what I know, and there are several things I can teach myself--just to help you!

If you need additional help, give me a shout.

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  1. I have used all 3 platforms at least once and I'm using WordPress full-time now! I like the scheduling feature better because I can back post. Tumblr is very simplistic, but I enjoy it as well. I have my WordPress blogs automatically sent to Tumblr as well for added exposure.

    1. Hi, Gionni...Thank you for taking time to visit my blog.

      Truthfully, you probably know more about WordPress and Tumblr than I do. Mostly, I use Blogger.

      I entirely agree with your point about "back posting." I like access to that feature, too.


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