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14 Things I’m Checking When I Meet You at a Business or Networking Event

Have you ever gone to a business get-together or a networking event and felt like it was sort of useless?

I know that I have, and I’ve heard many people complain that they are a waste of time.

Many people go to networking events without having a solid game plan. If they do, they are thinking sales only, which usually is not realistic. Obviously, I don’t know what you would like to get from them, but here is a list of things I’m checking when I meet you at a networking event (or any other business type of environment).

1. Are you a potential business partner?

Sometimes, I have specific businesses in mind. Other times, I trust that I’ll get better ideas later.

I’m always looking for people who are talented, intelligent, hard working, have good integrity, are eager to learn, etc. I do my best to see whether you will fit into anything I’m doing today, but mostly I’m paying attention to see whether I see potential in us working together.

I do not always guess correctly when I first meet someone, and I’m not sure whether I have anything specific in mind. However, I’m always checking to see whether you’re an obvious match with something I’m doing today, would like to do tomorrow, or have something I’d like to join.

2. Are you someone who can work for me?

I don’t always have jobs available, but I always have needs. Maybe I can hire you today, later, or I can trade services with you.

I’m curious to see what your skill sets are, and I want to know what type of worker you’d be. Most of all, I’m curious about what type of attitude you have with your work and the people attached to it.

3. Are you someone I can charge money to help and provide good value?

Personally, I have a rule, and that’s to do my best to provide value for people. In marketing, there is not really any way to guarantee success, but if the odds point toward failure, I’m not usually interested in taking the business.

I don’t want your money that badly, but if I sense I can help you, I’ll probably try to push you.

4. Can I work with you to gain experience I want or need?

Are you working closely with something I’d like to learn better? Do you seem to have a need that would allow me to get some experience I want (or need) by helping you with your issue surrounding it?

If so, I’ll make a proposal on the spot.

5. Are you someone who I’d like as part of an informal brainstorming team?

I enjoy learning things, and I realize that many people know things that I do not.

If you’re a thinker with a good attitude and want to grow yourself (and others, too?), then I’d like to keep connected with you…even if we don’t get a chance to really talk for a while. I understand your value, and I won’t want to let it slip away…if I can help it.

6. Can I refer you to anyone I know?

I like to help people, and I take pride in my ability to match together people very well. I don’t always hit a home run with this, but I enjoy helping people, and this is a great way to help out 2 people at the same time!

7. Are you likely to boost my energy or drain it?

This probably does not require a lot of explanation.

8. Are you someone I can help?

I might be able to help you in some way. If I have the skill set, the resources, and the time to be able to help, I’m probably trying to see whether you’re interested in my help. Most likely, I’ll offer within the initial conversation or within a follow-up email.

9. Do you represent a potential speaking opportunity for me?

Overall, I enjoy speaking, but I know that, even if I do not want to speak, it’s a skill that is worth keeping sharp. Plus, it’s a great way to network and position yourself as an expert.

So I’m trying to figure whether you can schedule me or connect me with someone who can schedule me to talk. Maybe I ask immediately. More likely, I’ll get to know you a little better and ask later, but I’m making a point to look immediately.

10. Are you a potential speaker for one of my groups? In general?

Maybe you know a lot about an interesting topic.

Perhaps, you’re just such a good speaker, I might look to find an excuse to schedule you…even if the topic does not match perfectly.

Good speakers are hard to find. When I find someone, I’m grateful of the opportunity, and I try not to blow it.

I also like finding people who speak on topics that lots of people want to learn, but I’m the wrong person to try teaching it to them.

I might even try to find another group where you might be able to speak.

11. Are you somebody who I know one of my other would treasure meeting?

I’m always looking for ways to help other people. Sometimes, I can provide the help. However, usually, I don’t know enough…and someone else is the right person. Even if you do not have anything to offer this other person immediately, I’m happy to connect you with someone who can help you.

12. Are you a potential center of influence?

Do a lot of people seem to care about what you think? Are you someone who seems to make a habit of referring or connecting people?

If so, you are an exception, and I want to get to know you for my own selfish reasons. I want to earn a chance for you to refer me to people who look to you for suggestions.

I also like finding people worth referring, and connectors are always worth referring.

13. Is there something about you that is different?

We meet so many people who seem to be the same and give the same bland answers. They are so hard to remember, because there is so little about them that is memorable.

I love meeting people who make it easy for me to remember them for the right reasons. Maybe the reason is obvious. Perhaps, it’s hidden.

In fact, I prefer finding “hidden gems,” because I don’t really want to fight the crowd for your attention. I want your undivided attention. More importantly, I want you to fully appreciate what I can do for you.

Mostly, I’ll just appreciate you…just for being different.

14. Are you all about yourself, or do you seem to care about others?

You can have all of the talent in the world, but if you’re not interested in me, I’m going to beware of you. I’ll still find reasons to appreciate you, but I’m going to notice you in a way you wish I didn’t.

You don't have to be unconditionally focused on others, but if you NEVER seem to take any interest...

I might be overlooking some things I check subconsciously, but my mind is usually racing at these events. Can you see why?

Do you have a similar checklist?

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