Thursday, April 14, 2016

Usually motivate or lead others but sometimes feel empty?

One of my most awesome friends is really motivating.  He’s always chock full of ideas and delivers them with incredible, charismatic energy.

Often, in the middle of giving me or someone else advice, he asks rhetorically, “Who motivates the motivator?”

“Who motivates the motivator?”

It’s a really good question, because no matter how much energy you might have, you only have a limited supply of it.  It’s awesome to help people.  Frankly, it’s one of my favorite things to do, but most people cannot (completely) return the favor.  They need your help, and even if they would like to help; often they don’t have the capacity to help.  Plus, many people are outright selfish and only want your time when you’re helping them.
Teaching and leading are often among the greatest things we can ever do for someone else…and ourselves.

The problem is, sometimes, as people who usually lead, we might need that leadership, too!

When you’re at the top, you might be so focused on helping the people coming to you that you forget to find ways to motivate yourself.

Easiest Steps to Take to Motivate Ourselves

When you’re a leader, what are some “quick fixes” we can do to motivate ourselves?

Here are a couple of my tricks:
--I subscribe to blogs and newsletters from people who motivate me.
--I find motivating videos and listen to them.

These are good—really good, honestly, but there is even a smarter way to refuel ourselves.

Smartest Step to Take to Motivate Ourselves

Recall our key question: Who motivates the motivator?

It’s great to find motivational material. That’s always good, but there’s an even smarter thing to do.

Find more motivating people and make sure they want to be around you.

Find these “motivating people” and spend time with them.  Schedule time with them.  Make sure you spend time with people who refuel you.  Otherwise, you’ll be a leader who finds himself (or herself) on empty.

Who motivates the motivator?

I suggest you change this question to…

WHO ELSE can I find to motivate THIS motivator?

It’s definitely great to help people, and I encourage it.  It’s the first key step to leadership; plus, there are many other benefits of doing that.  However, I strongly suggest that you always keep finding new people who motivate you.  Seek them; find them; nurture them; and spend time with them.

You can’t keep running on empty.  So go find your fuel.

One more thing…What are you doing to help motivate them?

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