Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mark Maupin: How to Use Firefox to Get True Search Results on Google – Not Misleading SERPs

Here is a really cool trick using Firefox if you want to track your SEO campaign.

Mark Maupin is the marketing director of Right Now Marketing Group, and he has many clients throughout the United States.  The vast majority of his business clients represent service-related industries.

Google is the search engine most often used, and at well over 60% of all searches second place is not even close.

So for many businesses, it is important to rank well on Google, which the vast majority of business owners realize that today, but THERE IS SOMETHING THAT MANY PEOPLE DO NOT REALIZE:

Key Issue: You might think that your business is ranking well on Google, but in reality no one really sees it, except you!

What you see on your Google search results (SERPs) is not always the same as what other people are seeing.  That can create problems for company marketers and business owners.

Even if you type in a search phrase and see your own business ranking well on Google, it’s possible that nobody else can really see it.  There is a way to change that, though, so you can see how well you’re REALLY ranking:

In this quick video, Mark shows us a couple of tricks:

Summary of Steps

1. Make sure that you are NOT logged into your email.  When you log into your Gmail account, Google does a great job of customizing searches based on previous searches.  That’s great for when you’re searching for something, but it is not good for when you want to know what other people see.  Log out of your Gmail account.

2. Clear your cookies in your computer: Use CCleaner.  One of the best programs clear your computer’s cookies is called CCleaner, which has a free version.  You can download it here:  (We suggest using the free version, but we do not have any experience with the paid versions.  So there might be a valuable advantage we have not discovered, yet.)

3. Within your Firefox browser, you can select “New Private Window.”  You can get there by going to the top-right corner of your browser, and you click on a box that shows three horizontal lines.  Then you will get an extended menu of options.  Click on “New Private Window,” and you are ready to get your TRUE search results, seeing what other people see.

If you take these steps, you will have a better idea how well your SEO campaign is really doing.  Otherwise, you might think you’re in better shape than you really are.

Why should you listen to Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing?
--He has been doing this for 10 years.
--He has over 20 people working for him.
--He does this for TONS of clients.
--He does work for 2 national associations for appliance repair.
--All of his clients represent service-related industries.
--He markets for lots of appliance repair companies all over the nation (United States).
--He does work for 3 national franchises.

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