Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mark Maupin: Dominating Local Searches for Service-Related Businesses

Mark Maupin is the marketing director of Right Now Marketing Group, and he has many clients throughout the United States.  The vast majority of his business clients represent service-related industries.

Regardless whether they hire him, Mark thinks all service businesses should know what he demonstrates here.

Mark did a screencast for us, and in this video, he walks through the mindset of a potential customer for someone looking to replace a window in the Metro Detroit Area, specifically Bloomfield Township.  He identifies ways people are searching for services they need (or want) and things businesses should do to check whether they are likely to be found by these people.

Here are my notes:

Demonstration Example: Hansons-Roofing Siding & Windows
Location: Bloomfield Township

Go to
Make sure your Search Tools and make sure that the city is in the right location (for what you want to check).

People type different things into the Google search bar:
replacement windows
bloomfield township replacement windows
replacement windows bloomfield township

First thing you see on the page you see are the paid-for (sponsored PPC) ads.

After those, you see the free results.

In this case, a website (a competitor’s site) is the first free site listed.

After that is the Google Map Pack (map listings).

In this example, Hansons in Troy shows, and Hansons-Pontiac Windows shows in Pontiac MI.

(The other map listing in the pack WeatherGard.)

Notice that Google offers the option to list your address or not.  If not, your city, state, and phone number are listed.

Mark tries to get multiple listings on the page for each long-tailed keyword (niche) search.

For instance, one of the listings on the search engine results page (SERP) is one of the pages of the customer’s website.

Another listing on Page 1 of the search results is a directory site, specifically a Yelp listing.

When he typed in one of the other search terms, other listings showed besides Yelp and the maps:

NOTE: When searches are done on a mobile device, most often, the order of what is listed is

#1: Sponsored PPC Ads
#2: Map Pack Listings (Google Plus Business Pages, formerly was Google Places)

It’s important to make sure that you’re listed within that map pack for your specific area (within your industry).

Mark suggests that we grab as many places on Page 1 as possible.

Why should you listen to Mark Maupin of Right Now Marketing?
--He has been doing this for 10 years.
--He has over 20 people working for him.
--He does this for TONS of clients.
--He does work for 2 national associations for appliance repair.
--All of his clients represent service-related industries.
--He markets for lots of appliance repair companies all over the nation (United States).
--He does work for 3 national franchises.

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