Monday, October 28, 2013

Why does that marketing method almost always work on me?

Recently, I made an observation of my own behavior, and I think there is a really powerful lesson to learn here.

Where I got my marketing lesson

I was at the grocery store, and I went for the specific purpose of finding something sweet to eat.  (For those of you who know me in person, you're probably not very surprised, as I'm glad that eater sugar is legal, because I'm addicted to a drug...REALLY!)

While I was at the grocery store, I kept walking around, because I was looking for a couple of specific junk food items, but NONE of them were there.  I walked around the store for a bit, and I was just about to give up my search, even telling myself, "Well...that's probably a sign that I really should not be having any of this junk food, anyway.  I'm trying to lose weight...or at least not gain any more; so I should....WAIT...What's that?"

My Unconditional Allegiance to a Brand

Suddenly, I got distracted by these colorful bottles.  Well, actually, I did not care about the COLORS of the bottles.  I knew this company really well, and I buy a lot of beverages they make.

Actually, I'm pretty loyal to them.  I've been buying their stuff...for years.  They have between 20-30 different types of "healthy" beverages that they offer, and I can tell you something about nearly all of them.

I'm even so bizarre about it, I recruit OTHER people to buy this stuff, because (I think) most of it is so good.

I guess, as Seth Godin might put it, I am a member of their tribe.

One of the Most Effective Marketing Methods for this Sucker

Since I am so enthusiastic about the different drinks they make, guess what happens when they release NEW drinks/flavors?

I went into the grocery store to get a donut or a muffin.  I could give $2.00 and get back change with this "plan."

However, when I saw these "Limited Edition" flavors, I just HAD to try them.

To be fair to me, they did seem like really tempting and intriguing flavors:
Pumpkin Spice
Peppermint Mocha

...AND there was protein and several varieties of Vitamin B.

The problem?  They only had these in the BIG, expensive bottles.

Catching Myself - Yet STILL Falling for It

Now, I knew that buying ONE of these big bottles would be quite a bit more than sub-$2.00 I was trying to limit myself to spending.

Okay, obviously, I am going to try these at some point.

Which ONE should I buy?

Are you kidding me?

If I am that much of a sucker to "have to" try ONE, you know that I'm going to buy BOTH.


I knew that this was foolish and irresponsible, but logic is no match for the blend and intellectually and emotionally-fueled curiosity burning inside me.

What was the marketing lesson I learned?

I realized that there is a wonderful marketing technique that can be--and should be--applied to marketing to people who ALREADY KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND LOVE YOUR BRAND.

Marketing Method-Loyal Brand Tribe-Part 1: Always offer NEW variations of your product.  Your band of brand loyalists will buy JUST to see what is new with their favorite thing--YOUR BRAND.

Marketing Method-Loyal Brand Tribe-Part 2: Always release 2 or 3 NEW variations of your product at one time.  Your brand loyalists will not want to "sacrifice" their enjoyment of your product by "not knowing" something about their favorite thing--YOUR BRAND.

I just HAD to try the new things, and I HAD to try BOTH of them.  (Sadly, if there were 3 things, I would have probably tried all 3, maybe not at one time, but they would have been added to my "bucket list" of things to do.)

I suspect that this method is particularly effective with food.  Many of us CRAVE the best sensations for our taste buds.  It is the one time we feel like we're in complete control of our senses.  No amount of luxury compares with that feeling of discovering a new, breakthrough taste.

Most of all, though, we just can't stand NOT KNOWING what the newest stuff is like.

That's the truth, and I'm a sucker for it--EVERY TIME!

If you know it, is there any reason you should not market for it?

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