Monday, October 7, 2013

1 Powerful Way to Find Strengths (and Weaknesses) in a Business

How can you tell whether a business or organization is really good?

Have you noticed that many people are willing to make recommendations for or against a place, even without getting paid for it?

I think that this leads to an important question to help analyze whether a business is really good, really bad, or UN-remarkably average.

Key Question to Ask: Would I share anything about this business for free?  If so, what would I say?

Since we're not usually looking for reasons to market another business or organization "just for kicks," it's really the ultimate question.

If we're paid to market someone, we can send any message that we're paid to create and broadcast.

However, the most powerful marketing messages are ones that other people find are worth spreading.

How can I use this to assess strength and weakness in a business?

First, if it does not occur to me to think about this place once I'm done, this place is UN-remarkable.  This place probably has some work to do.

Next, I ask myself, "What do I want people to know about this business BEFORE they go?"

If I really like a restaurant, I will suggest to many people to order the (pick your own example) entree or appetizer.  The restaurant (probably) is not paying me; it's just THAT MARKETABLE.


Political candidates are pros at this.  They compel all sorts of people to work on their behalf--FOR FREE.  Why?  Because these candidates have a message that other people WANT to help SPREAD.

Of course, it can work the other way, but isn't this a great way to identify the true strengths or weaknesses of a business?  No, this will not replace "looking at the books," but it will identify whether a business has a message that the people find that is worth sharing.

Isn't that what we really want, a business that OTHER people markets for us--enthusiastically and for free?

Now, there's strength in that marketing plan!

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