Sunday, October 13, 2013

1 Idea Where to Find Customers for Your Marketing Business

Many marketing people and businesses ask some form of the question, "Where do I find customers for marketing or advertising?"

Where is the FIRST place we should look?

How about the people and companies that are ALREADY BUYING for marketing or advertising?

I can hear some people responding now, "...but they already have someone marketing for them."

That's true.  Sometimes, that place might have used up their entire marketing budget before you approach them.

However, if you offer marketing that provides VALUE, there is no such thing as exhausting a marketing budget in advance of you approaching them.

What?  Do I think money resources are unlimited?

Of course, not!

However, I know that if I have an opportunity to exchange $1.00 for $1.50 to $2.00, I am not going to use the excuse "but I don't have any money."  I'm going to FIND money I didn't realize I have.

I began this post by stating that the BEST place to start looking for potential marketing customers is...people and companies that are already paying for marketing services.

Why is that?

They already understand the potential value in it.

You see, most people and places say they understand the value, but they make silly statements, like "I'll market once I have the money."  In other words, these people (and companies) are willing to pay for marketing once they no longer need the effects of that marketing (more customers = more money).

Does that make sense?  No, but that is the mindset of most places.

So why try so hard to convince them they need marketing.  They cannot visualize the importance--the value--of it.  So why would they spend that money.  They see it as a cost--not an investment.

Places that already pay for marketing and advertising prove--with the wallets, not with just their mouths--that they understand that marketing is an investment, not a cost.

These places understand that without exposure, there are not going to be many customers, if any.

That's why I suggest that you begin looking for potential marketing customers by approaching the people and places that demonstrate a willingness to pay for the type of service you're offering.

A few quick places to look:
TV Ads
Radio Ads
Facebook Ads
Google AdWords
Magazine Ads
Newspaper Ads

It's true that many of these places are really large, and the people answering the phone have NO idea who to tell you to contact...or even have any interest in helping you.  (They have their own job to do, which provides them with their unique stress.)

However, here is a starting point, and you should have a better ideas of places to look for potential marketing customers.

Of course, it helps if you can prove that you have a good chance of providing value.  (Sadly, that is not always a necessity to make a sale, though.)

Good luck.  Feel free to ask questions or make comments.  Happy Marketing!

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