Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Small Business Tip: 3 Cheap Ways to Delegate Online Marketing

I got a reminder about something basic this week about online marketing--MY OWN BUSINESS.

Here is a major tip for small business owners.  You need to market, but you knew that already, right?  (That's not really my tip! :)

Almost Every Business Struggles with This

Most every small business owner has the same basic struggle.

As a business owner, you probably are spending your time working in your business, filling orders, ordering material to fill those orders, checking the quality of what you are producing, keeping records, giving good customer service, cleaning your facility (if you have one), answering phone calls, etc.  When you're busy, that's great, except what you are going to do once the customers leave?

When do you have time to market?

If you don't market, where are you going to get your "next" wave of customers?

However, if you spend your time on marketing, when will you have time to fill those orders that you're creating?

Want an easy solution?


But I can't afford that!  (For the best effect, make sure that you heard this in an annoying whiny voice.)

3 Cheap Ways to Delegate Online Marketing

Of course the word "cheap" is subject to the person saying it and the person hearing it, but I think I that most of you reading this will agree. What I suggest is less expensive than many outsiders assume--less expensive by a lot!

Plus, I wanted to stick to methods that I've actually used--not just heard.

Honestly, there are a TON of different ways, but here I am offering three (3) cheap ways to delegate your online marketing.

Cheap Online Marketing Method #1: Website Content

A. Go to an outsourcing website, like ODesk, ELance, Guru, Fiverr, etc.
B. Hire a writer to write an article.  Give the writer topics (for each page).
C. Post these "articles" onto your website pages.

Cost: $15 or Less/Page (So a 5 Page Website = $75 or Less)

Cheap Online Marketing Method #2: Blog Writing

A. Go to an outsourcing website, like ODesk, ELance, Guru, Fiverr, etc.
B. Hire a writer to write an article.  Give the writer topics (for each page).
C. Post these "articles" onto your blog.

Cost: $15 or Less/Blog Post (So 1 Post/Week for 4 Weeks = $60/Month)

Cheap Online Marketing Method #3: Creating Videos

A. Go to an outsourcing website, like ODesk, ELance, Guru, Fiverr, etc.
B. Hire a video producer.
C. Send video producer (1) your website link, (2) a blog post, and (3) pictures (if available).
D. Post this video to YouTube or on your Website.

Note: Honestly, you can simply provide your website, and that usually is enough for these video producers.

Cost: $25 or Less/Video

Warning: This is NOT for 3D videos.  Those are really neat, but those will be a lot more costly.

To see the types of videos that can be produced for that, here are some examples:

So my real small business tip is for you to delegate some of your online marketing.  It probably can be a lot less expensive than you fear.

Even if you CAN do everything yourself, how long will it take you?  More importantly, how many things will you be neglecting inside your business?

Final Question: What are some other cheap ways to delegate online marketing?  (Free advertisements are welcome within the comments section OF THIS POST ONLY, as long as the ad fits the topic of inexpensive online branding that can be delegated.)

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  1. Good post, Chris. Marketing your business doesn't have to be a big headache or extremely costly. There are some DIY ways of handling things, and then people who can affordably help you to get the word out.

    One important thing to consider is that you get what you pay for. If you hire someone to write copy for a few bucks a page, you might find errors in the copy, or a writer who doesn't know what SEO is. A good writer may cost just a little bit extra, but the quality and care they put into your copy should be well worth it.

  2. Thanks for stopping by here, Matt.

    You make some good points in your comment here.

    If you don't have any money but have a lot of time, you probably should begin with the DIY route.

    Also, just because a writer is available at an inexpensive price, it does not mean that he or she is a bargain. There is such a thing called swamp land, which is cheap...and yet still too expensive.

    The lower the cost of the writer, the more of a risk it is. If you want somebody to be a steady source for you, you might want to consider spending more. (Although, I've learned that when somebody charges a lot of money, there still is no guarantee of the quality. Likely, your chances of getting "good" product or service increases with the price, though.)

    For instance, I know that is about the cheapest place on the block, yet I seldom go there. It's too risky if I want something done quickly...and have it done well. (I've had good luck, but I've had bad luck...It's like going to the casino...for me, anyway.)

  3. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for sharing. I think the basic dilemma you describe in the beginning is always a problem for businesses, and outsourcing your non-core activities can help.

    I've never hired a virtual assistant before, but I met a very knowledgeable online marketer who told me a LOT of his non-core activities are executed by a VA he's worked with for years. Selecting a VA and getting long-term value is not easy, but I do think it's an option.

    Keep up the good work!

    Daniel Alfon

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi, Daniel.

    You're really smart and good with SEO marketing. So I feel flattered that you stopped by my site. I really appreciate your ending compliment! :)

    Truthfully, I've never hired a VA, either. At least, I have not hired a general one. I've only hired people for specific tasks.

    I'm still trying to learn and grow this way.

    From what I can tell, we should be delegating when having to spend time on certain operational tasks force us to spend less time on the other activities that generate money for us. That's a bad situation, and that is when it seems to be a GREAT IDEA to hire someone else.

    TBD...I'm still learning this, though.

  5. Chris you rock! The tips you've given are actually five to ten thousand dollar tips that most everyone will gloss over, not really read, or think "that makes sense" but never do a darn thing with them.

    If they did they wouldn't be thinking that they need to find a way to increase sales, or get more customers, or how to make more money. It would be done and they would be reaping the rewards of taking action.

    Or just hiring someone that can get it done like you and make it happen for them.

    keep up the great posts

    1. Thanks, Wayne.

      I really appreciate your support. You've been a big part of helping me grow as an entrepreneur.

      I've been noticing that only a few people are really taking actions--definitely a lot fewer than are lecturing about things I (or other people) "should" be doing.

  6. Read your article and as always its interesting and trouble free read. I like your article because it tells us the straight, ordinary and simple direction unlike various bloggers that confuse you sometimes, for they focus on writing an attractive & impressive article rather than simply writing about the topic & subject.

    1. Thank you, Jeffrey. I'm sorry I took so long to respond.

      I wish that I had a better excuse, but the truth is that I read your comment and meant to reply to it later...and forgot.

      Obviously, I haven't found a way to outsource EVERYTHING (like responding to blog comments) with my online marketing. :)

      I will probably have to contact you about getting a better understanding of what you mean by other people "writing an attractive & impressive article." I sense that understand that could help me avoid that and help people more. (It's always easier to do a good job when you know how to "do it on purpose.")

      Thank you for leaving your nice comment, Jeff. I really appreciate it.

  7. keep up the great works ChrisChris


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