Sunday, June 24, 2012

Event Marketing Tip: 4 Reasons to Create a Video to Promote the Event

Making videos can take some work.  At least, it is still a lot of work for ME to create them.

However, I created a video that will promote an event on July 12, 2012 at the Eastern Campus of Wayne County Community College District (WCCCD) at 5901 Connor Street in Detroit, Michigan.

Even if you are not good at creating videos, here are some benefits to making a video to promote your event:

Reason #1: Backlinks.  Even though links from YouTube are "No Follow" links, they still provide people an opportunity to click to visit your website.  Plus, I'm not sure how much Google truly "ignores" those No Follow directions.  They still seem to acknowledge them to me, but that is just speculation.  Google does NOT divulge how it determines which search results go with each queried keyword phrase typed into it.  As an SEO guy, I think that backlinks coming from trusted sites (like YouTube) are always valuable.

Reason #2: Personal Touch.  Not all videos actually show the "actual" person, but many videos that promote events do.  Seeing the person talk a little can give some insight into whether you might want to spend 1, 2, or even 3 hours watching and listening to that person talk about the presented topic.  Plus, it improves your chances of people finding you to be legitimate, since they can see your face.

Reason #3: Showcases Effort. It takes some initiative to write, but it's a lot easier to hide behind a computer and type than it is to produce videos.  Trust me!  I know this one, because I've put off creating videos for the same reason.  Many people are aware of the different article writing services and article spinners, and the average internet surfer does not always take articles as seriously as they do videos.  I am not trying to claim that all videos are better than articles, but there is a first impression associated with each.

Reason #4: Adds More to Press Releases. When you send out press releases, a lot of press release submission sites let you upload pictures and videos.  There are so many press releases that have nothing but text, and many people find that to be BORING.  Adding pictures is nice, but you can really set apart yourself if you add a video or two.  THOSE press releases tend to be noticed more easily, and a lot of people will simply watch the videos, instead of reading the press release.  Videos can also reinforce your message that you wrote in your press release promoting your event.

Have you ever used a video to promote an event?  How did it work for you?  Was it hard?

If you have not, don't fear.  Videos can be done inexpensively, but you do have to make them.  They won't make themselves, and you can take your event promotion to a new level.

Feel free to leave links to your videos that you used to promote events.

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