Sunday, June 17, 2012

Internet Marketing Tip: Add Descriptions to Your Video Blog Posts

I have a tip that might annoy you.  I know that it might, because it annoys me.

I tend to be thorough (not always, but I usually am).  Sometimes, this can be a royal pain.

In fact, sometimes, I wonder whether I really should be so thorough.  Sometimes, that answer is "NO!"

However, I got a reminder about why I need to be thorough.

I just added my LinkedIn Company page (  I don't know, yet, whether people actually find these--either on LinkedIn or on search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

What does this have to do with anything?

On February 29th (of this year), I posted a blog post ( with a video that I thought would help people.  This video explains how to create a LinkedIn Company Page.

I tried to create a LinkedIn Company Page that day, but I learned that you cannot use a "freemail" account, like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

Recently, I got my "legitimate" email account.  So today, I decided to post my LinkedIn Company Page.

I had a problem when I tried to post my LinkedIn Company Page.

February was not that long ago, but it was too long ago for me to remember HOW to create that page on LinkedIn.

Therefore, I was getting ready to watch the video again.

But there was something better!

On that blog post about how to create a LinkedIn Comapny Page, I described the steps we needed to take underneath it.

When I take those extra steps, I'm never really sure that I'm doing the right thing.  Really, the video is there, right?

I tell you that it was SO easy to follow my steps that I wrote on my blog post.  I was really glad that I wrote down those steps.

We benefit from writing descriptions about videos we post on our blogs.

Besides making things easier to follow later (which we usually do not need), it also provides SEO benefits for us.  This is true, especially if you posted somebody else's video.

If we want to our blog post indexed by Google and be a search result for a keyword we want, we need to help Google.  We need to TELL Google about this video.  We need to describe what is within that video.

Plus, writing out everything means that we are probably adding our own flavor to it.  Yes, we probably could transcribe the video, but that would (probably) be time consuming and very boring.  Plus, we might not learn things as well.

Most importantly, we are not plagiarizing anyone else's work--even if they did not write their own script.  The law might not get us, but we're still doing the wrong thing.

Even without that pseudo-legal element, though, it's pretty cool to communicate with your readers by using your own voice.

BONUS:  It's also a good idea to get permission from the person who created or posted the original video.  If you don't ask, at least let that person know that you are using his or her video.

Besides being the so-called "right" thing to do, YouTube tells us when our video was embedded.  So the technology will tattle on you, anyway.  You might as well play nice.

So keep posting videos.  It's great to share and spread other people's work, but give your own description of that video.
1. SEO Benefits
2. Adds Your Own Flavor
3. Avoids Plagiarism
4. Makes Things Easier for Following Instructions Later

I will keep you posted on whether the LinkedIn Company Page provides any SEO value.  I'm hoping it does, but we'll see.

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