Sunday, September 7, 2014

Neat Easy Marketing Trick – Slideshare – Include Video (after uploading)

I learned a neat marketing trick that is easy to apply within Slideshare, the online presentation site.

While doing some online marketing work for a client, I was trying to find ways to get his number out there more.  One of the things I notice that seems to help is getting links from Slideshare.

However, another benefit of loading presentations to Slideshare is that it is a solid way to help build your credibility as an expert.  The more presentations you have uploaded, the more “active” you appear to be.

(As of this writing, I am guilty.  I only have two presentations that I’ve uploaded.   Check my Slideshare account here.  I did that to encourage myself to generate more presentations and upload them. I give plenty of talks; so I have no excuse!)

If you do not made any videos, this might not be all that helpful, but I think that even you can benefit from this trick.

If you do have videos, you might LOVE this little trick! (You can skip past the question for the "how to.")

Q: But can’t I just embed a video in the actual presentation file?

Yes, you can, and that is okay, too.

However, embedding video files into your presentation makes your PowerPoint files HUGE.  PowerPoint files already take up a chunk of space, but adding a video takes that to another level…not really in a good way.

Q: But if I already uploaded my presentation to Slideshare, will I lose my link I created?

No, not if you do this the way I mention.  You will preserve your link, and you’ve added an extra dimension to your presentation.  You’ve added that extra without spending a whole lot of extra time, and you get to keep your original Slideshare link.

Q: How can I add a video in Slideshare so easily?

I’m glad you asked (even if I had to ask for you :)…

Step #1: Go to Slideshare (

Step #2: Log into your account.

Step #3: Go into my “My Uploads”.

a. Move your mouse over your profile logo icon on the upper-right corner.

b. That will pull up a menu.  Select “My Uploads”

Step #4: Edit the Presentation you want to add a video.

a. Click on the “Edit” button below the image of your presentation.

b. Select “Settings” (after a 2nd mini-menu appears)

Step #5: Select the “Edit YouTube Video” Page Tab

Step #6: Paste YouTube Video URL (Link)

Step #7: Select Slide Position for Video within the Presentation

Step #8: Click “Insert & Publish” button.

…and you’re done.

BONUS Step: Don’t worry!  You can remove (delete) the video if you want. (which for this one, I did!)

There is a lot of things you can do with this little trick.

Do you agree that this is pretty easy to do?  (Be fair!  Don’t say, “No” if you have not tried it.)

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