Sunday, September 14, 2014

1 Great Overlooked SEO Tip Using Google Drive

I have a great SEO tip that is a great way to make sure Google has a chance of listing you, and it’s EASY!

If you have a presentation, it’s a great idea to upload it to Slideshare.

However, here is a way that you will get more mileage from that presentation.  Upload it to Google, but you need to do it properly, and it only requires a few steps

You will get, at least, two (2) benefits from doing this.

1. You will create another backlink (maybe your presentation contains your link?)
2. Google will be quick to index your site (meaning they will know it’s available for them to list)

Let’s take a look at the steps to implement this Google SEO tip:

1. Save your presentation as a PDF file.

(You should be able to save a file as a “PDF” file type in PowerPoint, but if your program does not have it, you can download an add-on from Microsoft here at this site.)

2. Go to Google Drive (

3. Upload your PDF presentation file.

4. Change Sharing Settings to “Public”

This is the only less-than-intuitive part of doing this.

(You might have to select “My Drive” instead of “Shared with Me”)

4A. Select the File (Check the box beside it.)

4B. Click “More” – “Share” – “Share” (again)

4C. Click “Get sharable link”

4D. Click “Advanced”

4E. Beside “Anyone who has the link can view” click “Change”

4F. Select “On – Public on the web”

4G. Grab your public URL (link)

4H. Click “Done”

It seems like a lot of steps, but you will find that—if you try—it will not take you very long to do this, and there are some good benefits to uploading your PDF presentation file to Google Drive.

Benefit #1: Your Google Drive file will index quickly.

Benefit #2: It carries backlinks to your other sites.

BONUS Benefit: Plus, it might help you index other sites, too.

HINT: You might even want to create a few backlinks to this new Google Drive link.  Although, I do not suggest that you create spammy links to it.  Whether that is EVER a good idea is up for debate, but if you’re going to cheat, don’t do it in front of the teacher.  (Notice how I used this with my demo link in the beginning of this post.)

Creating presentations might be easier than writing blog posts.  This is a GREAT SEO tip for Google, and it might even be a little easier for you, too.

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