Sunday, January 19, 2014

4 Things You’re Doing on Twitter That Shows You Don’t Have a Clue about How to Use It for Business

Recently, I’ve been spending more time on Twitter, and I’ve been noticing several things, each within my OWN behavior and by paying attention to what others are doing.

For years, people have been saying that businesses should use Twitter, because it can help them attract more clients for their business.

Truthfully, they are absolutely right.  There are TONS of people using Twitter.  However…

Most of them have NO CLUE about how to use Twitter correctly.  When I write “MOST,” I actually mean “nearly everyone.”

The competitive part of me really likes this, but I know that there are lots of opportunities being lost—LOTS!

Based on my observations, here are four (4) things that tell me that you have NO clue about how to use Twitter for business.

1. You’re only posting YOUR things—never other people’s.
2. You’re only sharing material created by other people—never your own.
3. You’re only posting social Tweets—never any business-oriented Tweets.
4. You’re SCREAMING for attention but don’t have an end goal in mind.

If you’re curious, let’s review each of these in more detail.

1. You’re only posting YOUR things—never other people’s.

You might write the GREATEST stuff ever.  Really!

It’s STILL a bad idea to post ONLY your material.

Why?  Because it’s SOCIAL media.

How do we respond OFFLINE when we meet someone who ONLY talks about himself (or herself)?  We get BORED.

Once we realize that we don’t really matter to you, we’re not all that interested in finding ways to promote you.  You’ve got that covered!  We’ve lost motivation to help you, and we’ve probably lost respect for you, too!

When it’s all about you, you’ll eventually be all by yourself.

2. You’re only sharing material created by other people—never your own.

It’s great to share.  It really is, and social media is all about sharing.

However, if you never take any chances and share things that YOU created with YOUR ideas, then how can we know that you’re an expert?

Plus, even if we charm everyone into wanting to promote our material since we’ve done such a good job of helping them, we don’t have anything for them to promote.

People can’t know that you’re an expert if they can’t see proof that you’re an expert.

3. You’re only posting social Tweets—never any business-oriented Tweets.

This sort of blends with the second telltale way I can tell you don’t really know how to use Twitter for business.

Yes, I admit that I am really weak online and in real life about building relationships by sharing fun, non-business oriented conversation.  (I’m actually a real bore that way.  I LOVE talking and writing about business.  Maybe I’m a little sick!)

However, when it’s all play and no work, what’s the likelihood that anyone will take you seriously to do work for them?

You might be an expert, but people are too busy playing with you to know that about you.

People can’t know that you’ll do good work for them if they always see you play and never work.

4. You’re SCREAMING for attention but don’t have an end goal in mind.

This is, by far, the most frequent problem I see on Twitter.

I don’t have to know your whole business plan, but I should have some sense of what you really want to accomplish.  Maybe, you want me to visit your website.  Maybe, you just simply want me to read your blog.  Possibly, you’re just looking to meet people within a certain industry, subject, or occupational segment.

I might be looking for EXACTLY what you are trying to offer, but if I have no idea you can offer this to me, how can I possibly think to consider contacting you for it?

Often, I will see a Twitter profile summary where that person’s Tweets don’t even seem to match.

I click on their links, but I’m not really sure what they want me to do.

I read their posts, and none of the Tweets have any links for me to click…and often no subject-related wisdom to share.

Now that you’ve got my attention, what do you want from me?  (Is it obvious?)

Twitter has a HUGE potential market, but it’s tough to guide people to a goal when you’re not really sure what that goal is yourself.

It’s tough to reach your goal is you don’t know where the goal posts are.

By the way, I’ve taken my turns (probably more than my share of turns) at making several of these mistakes.  That’s how I recognize them so well…and so quickly.

Do you know people who are guilty of any of these?  Have you notice these for yourself?

What have I missed?  I bet there’s plenty!

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