Sunday, January 12, 2014

3 Reasons I Will NOT Follow You on Twitter

I wrote another post about reasons I WILL follow you on Twitter.

Of course, that got me thinking…What are the reasons I will NOT follow you on Twitter?

I only could figure a few, because I prefer following most people.  So here we are…

3 Reasons I WILL NOT Follow You on Twitter
1. I don’t know you exist.
2. You don’t align with my goals on Twitter.
3. The pain you bring me outweighs the benefit you bring me.

Let’s take a closer look at each one (if you’re even curious).

1. I don’t know you exist.
This is mostly obvious, because how I can Follow you on Twitter if I’ve never met you in person nor virtually?

However, if I know you exist in real life—outside of the Internet—I might not know you are on Twitter.

2. You don’t align with my goals on Twitter.
I have several goals I have by using Twitter.

I like to broadcast my thoughts, posts from my blog, and posts from other people’s blogs.  I like to brag about my knowledge or insight, and I like to brag about people I know, also.

I like to meet new people who contribute neat marketing insights, upcoming business/marketing events in my area, have good news about Detroit, or simply have really neat things worth sharing with my readers.

I like people to share things I share.  I enjoy branding myself and several other people on Twitter.  When done correctly, it’s a great place to do it.

I like people to respond when I ask them questions.  I enjoy when people take time to ask me well-thought, pertinent questions.  (Self-serving questions don’t count here!)

I like to say, “Hi” to people I know outside of Twitter inside Twitter sometimes.  That’s sort of fun.

If you are not someone I know or a person I see helping me accomplish any of these things, then I probably am not looking for reasons to follow you.  In fact, I probably will NOT follow you.

Do you share or converse?  If not, guess what!

3. The pain you bring me outweighs the benefit you bring me.
This, I admit, is a little arrogant, but it’s also true.

If you try to make me feel too guilty too often, I don’t care if you’re in my industry.

If you are a competitor, I probably welcome you as a fellow marketing comrade…UNLESS I get the impression that you are trying to hurt me on Twitter or elsewhere online.

If you always want me to help you, but you are not willing to consider helping me…or anyone else, then I probably will not follow you.

The good news is that I cannot think of anyone I refuse to follow because of this.  However, if you fall into this category, I might enjoy hurting YOUR feelings in this particular way.

So…maybe I’m only “hypothetically” arrogant about this.

Bonus Reason #4: Sidestepping a Twitter Limitation

It seems like Twitter has a limit on the number of people you can Follow that is based on the number of people Following you.  I have never seen these numbers posted anywhere, but I remember that—somewhere around 2,000 Followers, Twitter did not allow me to follow any more people.

For a while, I just stayed there…almost stewing in self-pity.

Then I realized that most of the people I was “Following” I really did not know.  In fact, I could not explain why I was following them.

Therefore, to be able to follow new people I meet on Twitter who meet my criteria, I started trimming people from my list.  I started “Unfollowing” people.

I know that I will lose lot of my own Followers this way, but I will improve the quality of my list.

In the process, I will probably make some mistakes, but when I realize I Unfollowed someone I should be following, I have the flexibility of hitting that “Follow” button now.

What are the reasons YOU will not follow someone on Twitter?

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