Sunday, September 22, 2013

Video Tip for Bakeries: Show the Goods

I've got an important marketing tip for bakeries around the world.  Actually, I have a few tips.

Most people who know me offline understand that I LOVE sweets, and I am constantly finding new places with great things for those of us who have never a ending sweet tooth.

So in this case, I AM your target market.  Not only will I be your customer and buy your goodies, but when it comes to awesome goodies, I am insane!  I will tell EVERYONE about it...and I mean BRAG about YOU!

To make my video marketing point clear, I am going to compare videos of two (2) different bakeries.

So I begin making my point with a YouTube video from a specific bakery I like.  However, I already knew about the place BEFORE watching this video:

Now, what are YOUR thoughts about this video?

I LOVE Great Harvest Bread Company, and I just bought a lot of high quality junk food from there just yesterday.  However, this video misses the mark for me.

I do not even see any evidence of their great baked goodies UNTIL 0:42, and even then it is a small picture that shares the screen with other pics.  It is not making it obvious that my mouth will water for days after taking a bite.  (which, by the way, it really will...I've eaten at several of these Great Harvest Bread Company I know WHY people should buy)

Next--at 0:47, they essentially show the baking PROCESS before I see the final product.  If I've never been to this bakery, why would I care?

Quickly following at 0:48, the video shows a hamburger made with a bun on a fake grill.

This places SERVES AWESOME GOODIES, but you would never really know it from this video!

It seems like this video focuses on the store's ties with the community, but it's the community that needs to spread that word--not you.  If you have to tell people that you're tied to the community, then you're probably not really "tied" to the community.

Even if you are, I don't care...until I know how much I SHOULD CARE about your GOODIES!

Now, let's contract that with the first 30 seconds of this next bakery video:

What did YOU notice immediately?

Key Point: They SHOWED YOU THE GOODS! (and they LOOKED Yummy!)

That's right!  It's a bakery, and they showed you close-ups of mouth-watering pastries.  (Couldn't you almost TASTE them?)

They got your attention by showing you what YOU wanted to see.  In other words, they  made sure that you saw something that was important to YOU before so that you WANTED to know more about them.

Now, I've never been to Zoe's, and it is nowhere near where I live.  So I cannot vouch whether their baked goodies are any good.

However, after seeing how good things looked, I was a lot more interested in seeing what else they might show.

Do I have any video marketing tips for them in future bakery videos?


I sense that this video was a school project rather than a company-sponsored video, but here are a couple of bonus bakery video tips.

1. At the END of the video, show your BRAND/COMPANY NAME.
2. Show the Key Info: Address + Phone + Hours of Operation

Both bakeries did a great job of showing the outside storefront and signage.  However, Zoe's did it AFTER showing me a reason to care.  This specific Great Harvest Bread Company did it BEFORE showing me any goodies.

MOST IMPORTANT BAKERY VIDEO TIP: Show me the goods I want to see, then I will watch what YOU want me to see.

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